Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bad Sectors on Hard Disk Drive – How to Repair Bad Sectors and Retrieve Data

How to Deal with Bad Sectors on Hard Drive?
User1: I got a lot of bad sectors on my Seagate hard drive when I use chkdsk. I want to know whether I should do something to fix the bad sectors or not because I don’t find any problem with this hard drive when I write or read data from it. But I am wondering the problem will be worse after I try something to fix the bad sectors. What is the best thing can I do now?

Download the Following Software to Recover Data
#1 Data Recovery
Software to restore data off usb drive, memory card, pen drive, hard disk, external drive etc.


#2 Data Recovery Software
Another chance for you to recover data from disk, card, external etc.   
How to use: Windows data recovery steps

#3 Data Recovery for Card USB - recover data from card/usb 

User2: Some files on my hard drive F: is inaccessible and windows shows there are bad sector on my hard drive. My question is what is bad sector on hard drive? Can I fix it? Will I lose all my data if my hard drive has bad sectors?

Repair Bad Sectors on Hard Drive with Easy Way
You can run scandisk to check and fix bad sectors on your hard drive. You can follow this way: open My Computer ->> Click on the disk which has bed sectors ->> Select Tools ->> Choose Check Now ->> You will get a window (Shown as below), chose the two options and click Start. If the method doesn’t work, you can try to perform a low level format of the hard drive. Usually, it is not recommended to perform a low level format unless you have no option. 

All above are just the possible methods to fix bad sectors on your hard drive. However, if you still need to get back lost data from the hard drive when your hard drive is denied to access; you need to perform data recovery first before you can do anything to the hard drive. How to recover the data? You can have a try with hard drive recovery software. Want to select a free and reliable hard drive recovery software program? Then download free software and learn hot to perform the data recovery from your hard drive which has bad sectors.


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