Thursday, April 18, 2013

Recover Data after Formatting – How to Recover Files from Formatted Hard Drive?

Can We Recover Data from Formatted Hard Drive?

Question1: Is it possible to recover data from a hard drive after full format? I would like to recover the pictures, videos and some music from the formatted hard drive. It is an 80GB WD hard drive. My computer is running Windows XP operating system. Any help will be appreciated.

Question2: I have accidentally formatted my hard drive which contains all my personal files. I can’t afford to lose those files, is it possible to restore those files? If the lost data can be recovered, what can I do? Can anyone give me some useful ideas?

Question3: Can I recover data after formatting? I mistakenly formatted my hard drive instead of the external hard drive. When I realized it and stopped formatting the drive, all files were unreadable since I got a message saying disk drive is not formatted do you want to format it now. Are those files lost? How can I recover them from the hard drive?

How Can You Recover Files after Formatting?
When you format your hard drive, you just can’t see the file name from the formatted hard drive. However, the lost files are still on the drive so that you can recover them with correct tools until you write new files to the drive. Why can’t you write new information to the formatted hard drive? Obviously, new data to the formatted hard drive will erase the lost data completely since the new data will occupy the space where stored the lost files before.
Then, what is the correct tool for formatted hard drive recovery? If you still have no idea, you can have a try with hard drive format recovery software. It can recover files from hard drive, pen drive, external hard drive and almost all other storage devices. This software is completely free, so you can download it from recover data from formatted hard drive or from the download link in this article. 

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