Thursday, June 27, 2013

Memory Card Data Recovery Software

Memory Card Data Loss Situations

For camera or mobile users, they never be strange with the memory card no matter it is an SD card, micro SD card, mini SD card, MMC, CF card or a XD card. For a memory card user, he will neither be strange with data loss problems on a memory card.
Simply say, data loss from a memory card refers to the data lost from the memory card due to human mistake or system error. What are those mistakes or errors?
Accidentally format the memory card since pressing the wrong button
Delete important files instead of unimportant ones
Memory card is unable to be recognized on any camera or cell phone or PC
Memory card can be recognized but data is inaccessible or readable

Memory Card Recovery Software Free Download
First Memory Card Recovery Freeware
Second Memory Card Recovery Freeware
Whatever it is a human mistake or system errors that cause your data to be lost from the memory card, please download the memory card recovery software free to correct the mistake and retrieve the lost data. According to its name memory card recovery software free, you can know that this is a freeware which is specialized in memory card data recovery. As a data recovery software, it does a perfect job to retrieve all types of files (picture, videos, music, etc) from your card. However, as a software, the only disadvantage about it is that you have to install it on your computer before you can use it. 

Lost Files Recovery from Memory Card
Memory card data recovery software can recover lost files due to human mistake and system errors. Lost files recovery is a process for memory card file recovery after deleting or formatting. When you format a card or delete files from it, you only delete the name and file directory of the files but the real data is still intact. Since there is not any problem with the memory card, you only need to plug it to your computer and use the software to perform data recovery easily.

Deep Scan Recovery on Memory Card
Deep scan recovery is for memory card data restore when memory card shows problems or errors such as not formatted error, raw file system, etc. When a memory card shows such kind of error, probably there is problem with the memory card like bad sectors, virus infection, etc. Since the memory card itself has problems, you need to perform scan on the memory card. Otherwise, you may be not able to find out the lost data. 

Attention: Memory card errors can also be caused by memory card damage or USB failure. If the memory card is physically damaged, you don’t need to waste time to perform data recovery since the chance is low to none. If your memory card works fine on your camera or cell phone, but when you connect the card to a PC, Windows says please insert disk into drive before you can use it, it might be the USB failure. You had better change another card reader or USB port on your computer.

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