Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Recover Deleted Photos from Memory Card (XD, CF, XD, SD) Free

Can You Recover Deleted Photos from a Memory Card?

Well, I deleted some precious photos from my digital camera’s memory card last morning. Can I get all the deleted photos back with any solution? The memory card has been inserting in my digital camera and I haven’t done anything to it. What measure should I take to retrieve the deleted photos?

If you accidentally delete photos from your memory card on a digital camera, or the photos are deleted due to some other reasons on other devices like mobile phone or computer, you had better pull out the memory card and put it away. Deleted photo recoveryfrom memory card can be easy if you can take proper measure. On the contrary, lost photo recovery after deleting from memory card will be complex or impossible.

How to Retrieve Deleted Photos from Memory Card for Free?
Many free photo recovery programs are available to undelete photos from memory card such as iCare for deleted photo recovery and Stellar for deleted photo recovery.
First must try recovery software
Second must try recovery software

Both of the freeware can help you quickly restore the deleted photos from your memory card.
The freeware can perform deep scan on every sector of your memory card so as to search for every piece of lost photos that have been deleted from your memory card.

Both iCare and Stellar is capable of supporting all types of memory cards including SD card, mini SD card, SDHC, MMC, micro SD card, CF card, XD card and memory stick.

The simple wizard on deleted photo recovery from memory card: connect memory card to a computer ->> download the software and install ->> run the software and scan the memory card for lost photos ->> preview the found photos after scanning ->> select and save the photos you need.


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