Wednesday, June 26, 2013

SD Card Recovery Free – SD Card Deleted File Recovery, Format Recovery and SD Card Errors

SD Card Recovery after Deleting

Sometimes, you need to delete some unimportant files from your SD card in order to save more files. Sometimes, you might press wrong button to delete important files from your SD card. Anyway, various situations can cause you to delete files from an SD card but only one method can help you get back the deleted files after deleting.

SD card recovery is the only method to undelete files from an SD card. SD card recovery software is free, with which you can restore any file after deleting. It supports deleted photo recovery, deleted music recovery, deleted video recovery, deleted image recovery, deleted email recovery and more.
First SD Card Recovery Freeware (Recommend)
Second SD Card Recovery Freeware

SD Card Recovery after Formatting
Although SD card format and SD card delete are quite different processes, the method to restore lost files is the same. Usually, user often performs a quick format on the SD card. However, they might also perform low-level or full format on the SD card. Although it is not recommended to perform low-level format on an SD card, you still have chance to get back lost data if you mistakenly do such a thing.
SD card recovery software enables you to recover lost file from SD card after you format the card on a digital camera, cell phone, laptop, computer or other devices.

File Recovery When SD Card Shows Errors
SD card errors include SD card not formatted error, raw file system (raw drive), SD card is not recognizable, SD card can’t be detected by computer, SD card shows please insert disk into drive, and more other unknown errors. Those errors can occur on SD card when it is inserted into a digital camera, a mobile phone or connected to the computer. When SD card shows any of the error, you are not allowed to access the data inside.
SD card recovery software is able to recover files from all brands and capacities of SD cards. It supports all types of SD card like SDHC, MMC, SD card, mini SD card, micro SD card (TF card). You can use the data recovery software to recover files even when the memory card is corrupted.

Stop writing new data to the SD card before all lost files are recovered successfully, which is the most important point for the success of data recovery.


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