Monday, November 25, 2013

How to Recover My Data? Hard Drive Disappeared in My Computer

A computer cannot work properly without a hard drive, so hard drive is quite important in a computer. However sometimes, when you open your computer, you may find the hard drive is no longer shown up as a local disk on your computer but it disappears. What is wrong?

You must feel quite worried? If you know what happened and knows the way to solve this problem, you won't feel so worried. In this article, we will tell you what happened and help you recover lost files from disappeared hard disk drive.

Don’t Worry! Data Is Recoverable with Hard Drive Recovery Programs
When you find the hard drive on your computer disappears, stop doing anything to your computer hard drive. If you need to restore important data from the lost hard drive, you can use hard drive recovery software. It is a free data recovery program, with which you can easily get back all lost files from the lost hard drive. The hard drive recovery software features its different recovery modules so that you can select proper recovery module based on your data loss situation. The recovery program is also user-friendly so it doesn’t require any professional skills on data recovery.

Select the Software Based on Your Needs
The first must try recovery software is a freeware to recover files from all types of memory card, so you can refer to free card recovery tutorials if you want to recover memory card data.

Fist must try recovery software

The second must try recovery software is also a freeware which can recover photos, videos, music, etc from memory card, USB drive, hard drive, external drive, etc. Please refer to best data recovery software for step by step guide.

The third must try recovery software is available for free download, with which you can recover any type of file from all storage devices. You can visit  recommended data recovery to learn detailed steps.

Main advantage of partition recovery software
* Completely free
* Work perfectly under Windows OS
* Recover all kinds of files with one mouse click
* Preview files before data recovery
For more information and get download the partition recovery software, you can visit: Hard Drive Data Recovery.

Users That Need Help for Hard Drive Recovery
User1: I got a terrible problem that one of my hard drives disappeared in my computer. My computer just broke down and I couldn’t do anything on it. Therefore, I just turned off my computer through its power button. However, after restarting the computer, I found one of my hard drives disappeared in my computer. I can find the losing hard drive under disk management but I can’t open the drive. This is important for me that I need to make this hard drive appear in my computer so that I can get all my important data off the hard drive.

User2: The drive D: on my computer is not showing up after I upgrade my computer’s Windows OS. It is neither showing up on disk management. Now I can only see C:, E:, F: partition on my computer. The lost partition D: is a 225GB Western Digital hard drive that contains a lot of important files. How can I restore the lost partition with its data back?

Formatted hard drive data recovery

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