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Computer Freezes Randomly

Get Random Computer Freezing Issues?
Situation1: Hello, I have a problem with my Windows 7 computer since last Tuesday. Every one or two days, my computer would freeze suddenly and everything (like computer keyboard, mouse, sound and more) just stops without any sign. In order to let it work again, I do have to forcedly turn off this computer and boot it again. It just happens randomly no matter what I am doing. Honestly, it could be good that it freezes when I am seeing a film, playing games or enjoys some songs. However, it could be pretty troublesome when I am making or editing some personal documents. I really don’t want to lose some valuable files due to such random computer freezing. Do you have any advice on fixing such random freezing computer problems? I merely want to use this computer as effectively as before. Thanks for any solution here!

Situation2: Hello, about two days ago, my laptop just suddenly froze after it had been used for over 7 hours. And then, I just shut down it and boot it up again. However, the bad thing just began to happen from that moment. After that sudden freezing, every time when I started this PC and used it only about 10 minutes, it could randomly freeze again and then, the blue screen appeared then. Is my computer corrupted for that long-tine use? Is it possible for me to stop the random PC freezing? Any advice could be highly appreciated here!
Situation3: Hey, such computer problems have bothered me for a couple of days. It just kept freezing when I was playing a newly downloaded game. Honestly, now, I do have uninstalled and delete that game and find it still randomly freezes. Moreover, I do have run CHKDSK several times on the computer internal hard disk and find the internal hard disk does get many bad sectors. However, the error-checking tools also have not stopped the random computer freezing. Do you have any idea to repair my computer? Is it possible to take computer games and videos out now? Please help me fix this Windows XP computer. Thanks!
Hello, friends! What have you done to this computer before it begins to randomly freeze? In fact, there are many causes that can let computer freeze suddenly and even let you have to reboot it for latter use. You’d better find your reasons and go stop that random freezing according to your own conditions.

What You Can Do to Stop Computer Random Freezing?
Generally, computer can randomly freezes due to many reasons and need you to boot it up again. However, that doesn’t mean you do have no solution to fix everything. Merely go figure out the right causes behind and try the related methods to stop that random freezing. Hence, go try the following solutions one by one:
1). Open one or two files, tools, games or programs every time.
In fact, during using computer to edit some files, enjoying music, seeing films or playing games, the commonest reason why people would encounter computer freezing problems is merely that people have opened too many files, tools, games or programs at one time.
Therefore, when your computer has been restored back after rebooting, you’ve better learned not to open too many programs, tools, games or the related processes every time. Merely start one or two of them for using and also remember to close them timely.
2). Clean computer hard disk space.
Have you checked your computer internal hard disk when you do meet such random freezing issues? How much free space have you found there? If it is really low, you’d better clean that internal hard disk and keep it with enough free space for latter use. Why? When your computer internal hard disk is lacking free space, whenever you run a program, game or file that needs occupying much free space, you computer would be really easy to freeze and affect your common use.
Hence, do not rush to change your internal hard disk and go see whether it has been cleaned with enough free space.
In fact, what you are supposed to do is only delete useless files and folders, to remove unnecessary programs and games and running Disk Cleanup there, etc.
Please Note: Double check computer internal hard disk data before disk cleaning and also back up important data to an external hard disk or external storage device.
3). Fix or change computer internal hard disk
What have you found when you are trying to testing this internal hard disk with CHKDSK tool? Honestly, in daily use, computer also can freeze frequently since the internal hard disk get problems, especially when it is physically damaged or gets too many bad sectors.
Hence, to verify whether this PC issue is caused by your internal hard disk problems, go check it carefully with CHKDSK or SeaTool. And then, see whether it could be fixed. If it is still recoverable, you do can go on using it to see whether the similar sudden freezing problems come out again. But, if it could not be repaired, you’d better do another plan and go change this original internal hard disk with a new one.
4). Cool your computer to let it work perfectly.
In many related computer random freezing cases, many people also find their computers get such issues only because their computer is overheating due to long time use, too many running processes or bad heat dissipation system, etc. Hence, in order to stop the related computer freezing issues, keeping your computer cool all the time also could help you a lot.
Hence, go check your computer fans and other heat dissipation devices and then, clean your computer components to keep it away from dusty. Overall, do your ways to cool your PC as soon as possible.

Recover Computer Hard Disk Data after Computer Random Freezing & Rebooting?
Computer just suddenly freezes without any warning? So, you have to shut down this PC and boot it up again? However, that sudden freezing and rebooting processes also let your important internal hard disk data inaccessible or lost? OK! No worry! Just learn lessons to save important computer internal hard disk data on other external drives or storage devices well as possible as you can. And, now, before the data loss troubles go worse, go stop moving anything else to this computer internal hard disk and only download hard disk data recovery software to scan this internal hard disk. As long as your internal hard disk is not rewritten or corrupted somehow, it is always possible to recover lost data back with computer hard disk data recovery software which often offers effective data recovery software to recover deleted hard disk files, retrievelost hard disk data after format and rescue inaccessible hard disk data with fast speed.

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