Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Easy and Useful Way to Remove Persistent Virus from Your Computer Completely

How to Remove Persistent Virus from Your Computer?
Virus is everywhere that can spread through internet and affect your computer. Usually, you can delete the virus by using professional anti-virus software program. However, some viruses are very persistent which can’t be removed completely by anti-virus software program. When you restart your computer, the viruses will come back again and cause further harm to your computer. Then you will be very doubtful if those persistent viruses can be removed completely. How can you remove persistent virus from your computer? Below are the methods, with which you can easily delete the virus from the system.

Easy and Useful Methods to Delete Persistent Virus from Your Computer
* Clear temporary internet files – if the virus was loaded to your computer when you visit the internet, you can clear temporary internet files to remove the virus.
* Show file name extension – show and view all files and folders on your computer. Many Trojan viruses can hide their properties by using double extensions. Therefore, virus will have nowhere to hide if you view the file name extension of all files and folders on your computer.
* Close "system restore" – If you find the virus exists under catalog like c:/System Volume Information/, it means there is backup of virus on original restore point. So you should close system restore so that the original point will be deleted and virus will no longer exist. When all viruses are removed, you can create a new restore point which has no virus.
* End the virus processes – Start "Windows Task Manager" and end the abnormal processes.
* Set a safe computer account password – It is very dangerous if you only set an easy password because it can be hacked and the hacker will add Trojan virus to your computer.
Above are some possible methods to help you delete persistent virus from your computer. We can’t guarantee that all the methods can do a perfect work, but you have more chance to delete the persistent virus with those methods.

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