Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Computer Virus Protection – Useful Method to Protect Your PC from Virus

Why Do You Need to Protect against Virus?
Computer has been an essential tool for our work, study and daily life. However, when you are online the computer is easy to be attacked by different virus. If a computer is infected with virus, it will bring much trouble to us or even cause unaffordable loss. Virus can change or destroy the data on the computer, so it is vital to prevent them from entering into your computer and lead to unexpected result.

How to Protect Your Computer from Virus?
Usually, virus can spread by two ways, either internet or floppy disk and CD. Well, the former is more common in our daily life. Therefore, we should pay more attention when we search on internet. Below are some possible methods to protect the computer from virus.

* Always use copyrighted software since lots of pirated software contains virus and Trojan
* Install reliable anti-virus software and install firewall software
* Make sure your anti-virus software is up-to-date and running
* Be careful when there is virus warning on your computer
* Never open any email attachments or file if it is come from a stranger
* It is necessary to check and kill virus first when you connect a removable device like flash drive, pen drive, etc to your computer
* Don’t visit unknown or suspicious website
* Regularly back up files from your computer and backup system

What If Your Computer Has Been Infected with Virus?
Step1, disable the internet connection.
Step2, backup the important files. It may delete the files which have been infected by virus when you use an anti-virus software program.
Step3, run the anti-virus software and perform a full disk scan.
Step4, when the scanning is over, you can see a list that contains all the suspicious files. Choose those files and delete them.
Step5, if you have backup your system you can also restore your system.
Although you can kill the virus by using anti-virus software, it is not sure it won’t cause data loss. Therefore, it is very important to protect your computer from virus.
Step6, enable the internet connection and change the important code like your facebook.

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