Tuesday, May 7, 2013

External Hard Drive Is Inaccessible - Data Recovery from Inaccessible External HDD

External Hard Drive Can’t Be Accessed

Case: When I plug my Seagate external hard disk drive to my computer to transfer some data, windows keeps saying "disk in drive G: is not formatted do you want to format it now?" I have important data on the external hard drive, so how can I open the drive without formatting it? I hope somebody can give me some advances to get the data off the inaccessible external hard drive. It doesn’t matter even if the external hard drive can’t be used again. The most important thing for me now is to retrieve the lost data.

Not formatted error can lead to the external hard drive not accessible. Apart from the not formatted error, external hard drive can’t be accessed due to many other reasons, including,
* External hard drive raw file system
* External hard drive is not detected
* External hard drive can’t be recognized
* Other unknown reasons

Download the Following Software to Recover Data
#1 Data Recovery
Software to restore data off usb drive, memory card, pen drive, hard disk, external drive etc.

How to use: best disk recovery software for step by step guide


#2 Data Recovery Software
Another chance for you to recover data from disk, card, external etc.   
How to use: Windows data recovery steps

#3 Data Recovery for Card USB - recover data from card/usb

How to use: memory card recovery tutorials 

Solution for External Hard Drive Data Recovery
When the external hard drive can’t be accessed, how can you get the data off the external hard drive? Follow the method below and get back your data within a short time.

You just need to choose a useful and reliable external drive recovery software, with which you can perform a data recovery on your external hard drive to retrieve the lost files. External drive recovery software allows you to restore all kinds of files like pictures, images, music, audio files, videos, office files, emails, etc from inaccessible external hard drive. The software is very easy to use. All you need to do is to connect your external hard drive to your computer and run the software. Do you still have questions that you don’t know how to use the software? Don’t worry, if you need to use the external hard drive, you can refer to the file recovery from external hard drive. This article provides the most detailed instructions and steps on external hard drive data recovery. You just need to follow the wizard and recover all files simply.


External hard disk not formatted error Hard drive not formatted error

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