Tuesday, May 7, 2013

How to Convert RAW to NTFS on an External Hard Drive under Windows Operating System

Can RAW be Converted to NTFS on an External Hard Drive?

When the file type of an external hard drive has been changed into raw, can it be converted to its original file system ntfs? Do you have the same doubt? Or do you have any similar experience before? Below are some questions on external hard drive raw problem.

Question1: My external hard drive is showing raw file system on my laptop. Windows XP asks me if I want to format the external hard drive. The Disk Management displays the external hard drive as healthy and the anti-virus program shows the external hard drive not infected by virus. Can I change the raw external hard drive to ntfs without formatting?

Question2: When I click on my external hard drive to open it, it opens very slowly. When I click on the file icon, my windows 7 OS shows me the access is denied. Properties check shows the external hard drive as raw file system and the space is showing 0byte. I tried to run the error check to fix the bad sectors on the external hard drive which took me about 2 hours but it doesn’t make any difference. How can convert the raw drive to ntfs without losing data?   

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How to Convert RAW to NTFS without Data Loss under Windows Operating System?
Firstly, stop writing new files to the external hard drive.
Then, visit a reliable site to opt for a good and powerful raw drive recovery program. In order to choose a good program, you can visit online or more information or ask your friend. Or you can go to best software for raw drive recovery to learn more information or raw drive.

Finally, you have no choice but to format the external hard drive to change its file system from raw to ntfs. Since the data has been recovered with raw drive recovery program, you won’t lose the data on the drive after formatting. 


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