Sunday, July 14, 2013

Convert RAW to NTFS on an External Hard Drive & Retrieve Lost Data from RAW Drive

Think about It: What Will You Do If You Meet Such a Problem?
This is a user’s post from a forum: "My 2TB external hard drive is not recognized by my Samsung computer. It is only recognizable under Disk Management but I can’t come up with any method to open the external hard drive. When I check the properties of the external hard drive, it shows the free space and used space are both 0 byte. The file system also has been changed from NTFS to raw. I have some large files inside the drive and I have no way to retrieve them. What is the best method to solve this problem? "

After reading this post, what will you do if such a problem occurs on you? Maybe it is a little difficult to make a decision, but you must follow the instructions below if you don’t want to lose your important data from the raw external hard drive.

Don’t Panic: Check the External Hard Drive
External hard drive raw problem can be caused by many different reasons. You had better not to do anything before you know the reason why the external hard drive is not recognized by your computer and shows raw file system. If you have enough time, you can also unplug your external hard drive and insert it into another computer to see if the problem still exists. 

So Easy: Get Back Data from RAW Drive with RAW Recovery Software
First External Drive Recovery Freeware (Recommend)
Second External Drive Recovery Freeware

Don’t worry that you have no professional knowledge or skills to perform data recovery. It is so easy to restore data from an external hard drive with external recovery software. Generally speaking, the external recovery software can deep scan your external hard drive as long as you connect it to the computer. The scan process is for the purpose of searching for every lost file from the external hard drive. After scan, you can preview and restore all the files you want. During the scan process, the scanning will last for the longest time since it is a process to search for almost all files inside the external hard drive, so you should be patient during the process.

Still have something not clear? Then refer to RAW Drive Data Recovery.
Want to change the file system to its original NTFS? Then you can format the external hard drive when the data recovery process is finished. Unable to format the external hard drive? Then you can opt for a format tool for your external hard drive formatting.

Pay Attention: Other User’s Experience on RAW External Drive Data Loss
I have been using my 1TB external hard drive to backup important data. However, the external hard drive has changed its file type from NTFS to raw. It shows as a CD drive icon when I plug it into the USB port of my laptop. Windows says I need to format it before I can use it, but there is no option for formatting when I right click on the drive. What is wrong with my external hard drive? Is it broken? If so, what should I do the convert the raw file system to NTFS without losing files?


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