Tuesday, May 28, 2013

SD Card Photo Recovery Mac – SD Card Photo Recovery Programs Free Download for Mac Users

How to Recover Lost Photos from SD Card on Mac?

Situation1: need to recover deleted photos from SD card
I deleted some precious and important photos from my SD card. I deleted the photos on my digital camera, so I can’t find it anywhere after deleting. Now I am connecting my SD card to my Mac computer, but I don’t know how to undelete the SD card on Mac. So I need help to restore the deleted photos from SD card on Mac. Thanks!

Situation2: help recover data from formatted SD card
My daughter formatted my 2GB SD card when she was playing games on my cell phone and all the files inside the card are lost. I have searched for a solution to unformat the SD card, but there are so many tools online. I have no idea which one I should choose. How can I recover lost photos after formatting SD card on Mac?

Situaiton3: SD card shows errors
I lost some pictures from my SD card, then I inserted it into a card reader and connected it to my computer which runs Mac OS. However, I can’t open my SD card on Mac. It asks me to format the SD card. But will I lose all the files from the SD card after formatting?

Photo Recovery for Mac to Retrieve Precious Photos
First Photo Recovery Freeware (Recommend)
Second Photo Recovery Freeware
Firstly, free download photo recovery for Mac install it.
Then, you can run the software and recover not only photos but also other types of file (videos, images, audio files, music, documents, etc) from the SD card.
The photo recovery for Mac allows you to recover files from all types of SD card like MMC, micro SD card, mini SD card, SD card, SDHC card, memory stick, etc.
More over, the freeware also supports to recover data from all brands of SD card like Sony, HP, PNY, Panasonic, SanDisk, Kingston, POI, Lexar, Transcend and more.
Photo recovery for Mac enables you to recover lost photos after deleting, formatting, SD card not formatted error, raw file system, etc.

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