Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I want to Undelete Pictures from a Digital Camera Memory Card

About Digital Camera Memory Card Data Loss
You may store lots of photos on a memory card in your digital camera. Most digital cameras can compatible with all brands and types of memory cards, while only some digital cameras like Olympus camera is merely compatible with XD card. Therefore, for different digital camera users, they may lose pictures on an SD card, mini SD card, micro SD card, SDHC, CF card, or an XD card, etc in their cameras. Then here is the question: is there any difference to recover photos from various memory cards? This article will give the answer to you later.

Want to Undelete Pictures from Digital Camera Memory Card
Photos often will be lost from a memory card due to different reasons like formatting, not formatted error, etc. This article will emphasize the method to recoverpictures from  memory card after deleting, because it is most common for digital camera users to delete photos by mistake when they use the camera. As far as I know, almost every camera user deletes pictures when they modify the files on digital camera. Sometimes, users can also delete those pictures when connecting the camera or memory card to a PC, especially for XD card user. XD card is a little different from other types of memory cards because if you want to move pictures from an XD card to PC, the pictures will be "Cut" from the card. When you reconnect the XD card to your computer, windows will ask you to format the card. Therefore, photos are easy to be deleted from an XD card unexpectedly.

Why Deleted Picture Recovery is Available by Using Freeware?
Whether the pictures are deleted from a digital camera memory card, or they are cut from an XD card due to mistake, you can use digital camera recovery software to undelete pictures from the CF card, XD, SD, etc. Usually, you need to use a card reader to plug the memory card to a computer before you can use the recovery software. By using this software, you are able to restore deleted pictures for free. The reason why digital camera recovery software is available for deleted picture recovery is that the real data of deleted pictures are still stored on the card after deleting.
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Well-known Digital Cameras
Canon digital camera is a Japanese brand, which includes Canon EOS (Electron Optics System, Canon PowerShot, and Canon Digital US. Canon EOS is available for professional photography users, which has good performance but it is a little expensive. Canon PowerShot is high-end advanced digital camera which contains four series (A, S, G, and P) according to the needs of different users. Canon Digital US is available for users who like fashionable design.

Nikon digital camera is also a Japanese brand. Nikon has paid its attention to the development of digital single lens reflex camera recent years. Nikon digital cameras include high-end compact digital camera Coolpix series, fashionable and slim pocket camera S series, low-end L series and midrange P series. 

There is no doubt that Japanese digital cameras are world famous. In addition to Canon and Nikon, Sony camera is also a Japanese brand of digital camera. Sony digital camera is fashionable in design. It is slim and convenient to carry. So it is very suitable for girls who like to take a camera to travel. Sony digital cameras include Sony T series, Sony H series, Sony W series, Sony R series, Sony P series, Sony S series, Sony F series, and Sony U series.

Kodak digital camera is an American brand of camera. Kodak made a great achievement when film camera was popular. The world’s first digital camera was developed by Kodak. Kodak digital camera also occupies an important place in digital camera. Digital cameras manufactured by Kodak are often fashionable and cheap. Therefore, Kodak digital cameras are appeal to many users.


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