Sunday, July 7, 2013

CF Card Photo Recovery – Restore Pictures from Compact Flash Card

File Recovery from CF Card after Deleting/Formatting/Not Formatted Error
If you need file recovery from a CF card after deleting, formatting, not formatted error, raw file system, bad sectors, I/O error, etc, you need to perform CF card data recovery. CF card data recovery is to rescue lost data from the CF memory card by relying on professional technology or skills.

CF card recovery software is an all-in-one file recovery program to undelete or unformat CF card as well as rescue inaccessible data due to card errors. After you choose the recovery module, the software will search for and locate all types of lost files.

For CF card error like not formatted, I/O error, etc, you must perform deep scan to search for the lost files. Besides, the error will still exist there even if all data will be recovered successfully. You must format the card or try correct method to fix the errors on the CF card if you want to use it in the future.

Only Need to Recover Photos from CF Card
CF card recovery software allows its users to restore all types of files, but sometimes, you probably don’t want to restore all of them but you only want to restore lost photos. In this situation, you still need to scan the whole CF card. When the scanning process is accomplished, you can preview every piece of lost file and only choose the photos you want to restore.

Simple steps to recover photos from CF card
1. Download, install and run the CF card recovery software.
2. Enable the software to scan the CF card.
3. Preview all the photos after scanning.
4. Select and restore all the photos you need.

How to Avoid Data Loss from CF Card?
1. Never store all files to a CF card
Although it is convenient to export files by saving them to one CF card, it is also easy to get all data lost after accidentally formatting or CF card errors. So you had better not to store all important data to one CF card, but you can save them to different memory card or other storage devices.

2. Backup your files regularly
If the data is really very important to you, you can make backup to avoid unexpected data loss. No matter you format your CF cardmistakenly or the CF card shows errors, you can restore the important data from the backup.


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