Monday, July 8, 2013

CF Card Recovery Mac Free – Recovering Deleted Photos from CF Card

Is Data Lost Permanently after Deleting or Formatting CF Card?

As is known to all, you can wipe out data from a CF card (Compact Flash card) by deleting or formatting. Generally, you can delete or format the CF card on your cell phone, desktop or camera. You may also know when you delete files or format the CF card, you are unable to find any information about the lost files on your card again. Another situation, you neither delete files nor format the card, but you are not allowed to access the card again since it says CF card error such as CF card not formatted, data is inaccessible, CF card raw, etc.

Is data lost permanently when you meet one of situation above? It depends! If you don’t make any effort to restore the data but continue putting more data to the card, unfortunately you lose the chance to recover the lost data. On the contrary, if you haven’t written any file to the card after data loss, you are likely to retrieve the lost files by using CF card recovery software.

CF Card File Recovery on Mac
First CF Card Recovery Freeware (Recommend)
Second CF Card Recovery Freeware

You can connect the CF card to a Windows-based PC or a Mac. Although Windows and Mac are two different operating systems, CF card recovery software can work properly on both. Firstly of all, this software is a freeware for any user who is in need. Besides, it features in its four basic recovery modules, with which you can select the most proper one based on your data loss situation. All file recovery like photo recovery, video recovery, mp3 file recovery, CAD file recovery, PDF file recovery, etc are supported by this software.

Using this software, you can restore the lost files within simple three steps that include selecting proper recovery module, scanning the CF card, preview and recover the lost files. For more details on CF card file recovery, please go memory card file recovery.

Information about Mac
PC refers to all computers which are based on Windows OS. Different from PC, Mac (Macintosh) is equipped with Mac OS. So far, Mac OS is only used for Mac, so it can’t be installed on PC.

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