Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Format Recovery Tools for Formatted Hard Drive File Recovery for Free

Can I Restore Data after Formatting a Hard Drive?

I often like to save my work files to the computer hard drive D. I have never made backup because I don’t think I will mistakenly format or delete files from the drive. However, my husband formatted the hard drive since he doubted there is virus in my computer. God! Why didn’t make a backup before performing the formatting? Now, how can I get back all the lost files from a formatted hard drive?

Formatting provides a fast way to delete all files from your hard drive. But the truth is that the lost files after formatting is not erased that they are still on your hard drive. Those files are just marked as deleted ones and become invisible. As long as you don’t put other data to the hard drive, the lost data will always be stored there, which means there are methods to get back those deleted files after formatting. You can find a format recovery program online, with which you can easily restore any lost file.

More Situations That You Will Need to Format a Hard Drive
1. Windows pops up an error message: "Disk in drive is not formatted do you want to format it now?" or "You need to format disk in drive before you can use it".
2. Operating system not found
3. Hard drive shows RAW file system
4. Invalid command
5. Data Error
6. Hard drive cannot show up in "My Computer", but you can find it under "Disk Management".
7. Hard drive failure
8. Bad sectors on hard disk drive
9. More other unknown situations

Format Recovery Tools for Formatted Hard Drive Recovery
First Format Recovery Freeware (Recommend)
Second Format Recovery Freeware

Format recovery tools can be used to restore data after formatting. But there are some important pints you should know.

Firstly, if  you format hard drive by accident, you only need to install the format recovery tool on your computer and perform the lost file recovery directly. Here, you should pay attention not to install the format recovery tool on the formatted hard drive.

In addition, if the hard drive runs into errors just like what mentioned above, you cannot format the hard drive directly, but you should to perform data recovery first.

Finally, when you save the recovered files, you cannot save them to the original partition on your hard drive. If you select the formatted hard drive as destination path, you will be unable to recover the found files.

Hard drive format recovery software is highly recommended to you for formatted hard drive data recovery. This is a freeware which is available for all types of file recovery.


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