Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Micro SD Card Format Recovery - How to Recover Files from Formatted Micro SD Card?

Overview on Micro SD Card Format Recovery Software

Micro SD card format recovery software is a professional data recovery program not only for formatted micro SD card recovery, but also for all memory card data recovery. You can use the software to restore lost or deleted videos, movies, images, photos, music after formatting or unreadable memory card.

Micro SD card format recovery software can quickly scan the lost files from your micro SD card. Then, it will display all the found files for your viewing. Finally, you can choose any of the files you want to recover. Micro SDcard recovery software is powerful for lost data recovery, but the freeware can only restore 2GB lost files for free.


  • Compatible with all windows operating system 
  • Supports for all types of files 
  • Available for all brands of memory card including Panasonic, SanDisk, Olympus, etc 
  •  Fast speed and good quality 
  •  Free from virus and secure
First Micro SD Recovery Freeware (Recommend)
Second Micro SD Recovery Freeware

FAQS on Micro SD Card Format Recovery
1. How to use micro SD card format recovery software?
It is very easy to use micro SD card format recovery software. You only need to download the software on your computer. Then you can double click on the icon of the software and install it following the installing instructions. After installing the software, you can run the software to begin lost file recovery.

2. Is it possible to recover data from micro SD card when it has not formatted error?
Yes, data is recoverable even micro SD card has not formatted error. As you may know, when micro SD card says not formatted error, you are not allowed to access the data inside the card. At such a time, you only need to use the micro SD card recoverysoftware to perform a deep scan on the card. Then you can get data off the card.


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