Friday, July 26, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Memory Card RAW File System

RAW File System on Samsung Galaxy Memory Card

Like other mobile phone, Samsung Galaxy including Galaxy S/S2/S3/S4, Galaxy Note2, etc is often equipped with a memory card such as SD card, XD card, mini SD card, micro SD card, CF card, etc though the phone itself has internal memory. With the memory card inserted in, it is convenient to save more files and transfer data between different devices. However, memory card error may occur due to some reasons.

Memory card raw is one of the most common errors of memory card error. It often frustrates users since you don’t want to lose the important data that has been stored on the memory card such as photos, music, videos, emails, documents and more.
Therefore, in this article we would like to tell you the methods to fix memory card raw problem without any data loss.

How to Recover Files from Memory Card Which Shows RAW File System
RAW file system only stops you to access the memory card, or even if you can open the memory card, you can see nothing on the card since it is shown as empty. Although it seems like that everything is lost from RAW drive, the fact is you can get back those data with RAW drive recovery software.

RAW drive recovery software is specialized in lost data recovery when storage media shows raw file system. It can not only recover files from memory card when it shows raw, but also be able to restore data from other device such as external hard drive, flash drive, pen drive, memory stick, hard drive, etc. Moreover, this software can also recognize digital camera or mobile phone internal memory as external drive as long as you connect it to a PC so that you can also restore data from camera or mobile internal memory when data gets lost.

Now, you can free download the RAW drive recovery software from the link below. They are two different RAW drive recovery programs, but both of them can do a perfect work on RAW memory card data recovery.
How to Change RAW to FAT or NTFS?
Want to convert RAW file system to FAT or NTFS on your memory card? It is so easy! You just need to format the memory card on your computer. When you perform the format, you can choose Quick Format option.
Pay attention: since format will make the data on the memory card lost, you must perform data recovery software before you can format the card. 


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