Tuesday, July 2, 2013

USB Drive Recovery Free Software – Recover Deleted Files or Formatted USB Drive

Recover Files from USB Drive When They Have Been Deleted Mistakenly

Are Deleted Files Recoverable from a USB flash drive?
This is a terrible question that has puzzled many flash drive users. In fact, deleted files can be recovered by using USB drive recovery free software.
USB drive recovery free software, based on its featured and professional design, is able to retrieve any lost file without any charge. For example, this software can restore deleted photos, digital camera raw pictures, videos, music, and audio files and so on.

Comment from USB drive recovery free software user
Thanks for this powerful recovery software, with which I have successfully recovered all the deleted photos from my flash drive. I will would like to share this freeware to more my friends.
First USB Recovery Freeware (Recommend)
Second USB Recovery Freeware
Recover Files from USB Drive When You Format the Drive
Can you format your USB flash drive without losing important files on the drive?
Of course! Anyone who wants to format their flash drive will backup important data first. However, what if you forget backup the data before formatting the drive?
Relax! With USB drive recovery free software, you are allowed to:
Recover lost files which has been lost due to formatting
Unformat USB flash drive to restore all the lost files
Restore lost files easily, free and fast

Feedback from USB drive recovery free software user
I formatted my 32GB SanDisk USB flash drive by accident so I didn’t make any backup and get all the data on the drive lost. Fortunately, I found USB drive recovery free software, with which all lost files have been restored only within a few mouse clicks.

Restore Data from USB Drive When It Has Errors
Can you still use the USB flash drive when it shows errors or disables you to access the data inside?
Absolutely, you can keep using the drive as long as it is not physically damaged. In addition, you can also get back data from the USB drive with USB drive recovery free software.
What is an USB drive error? Simply, USB drive error means the error message Windows pops up when you plug your drive into the computer’s USB port. Those errors include, not formatted error, raw file system, flash drive not recognized, drive not readable/accessible, bad sectors, etc.

USB drive recovery free software customer testimonial
My USB flash drive stopped working properly when I connected it to my laptop since it says disk in drive is not formatted. I have tried with many methods and applications but none of them worked. Then I found this USB drive recovery free software and it helped restore the files though I couldn’t access the drive. When the data has been recovered, I formatted the drive and now it works as a normal drive again.


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