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SD Card File Recovery: SD Card Format Recovery, Deleted File Recovery, Fix SD Card Error

SD Card File Recovery - How to Restore Photos from SD Card?

SD card is often used as a storage device on digital camera or cell phone. In another word, photos taken by camera or cell phone are stored on an SD card. However, do you know how to restore lost photos from an SD card after deleting or formatting? Keep reading, you will learn how to restore not only photos but also all type of other files from SD card with easy way.

Freeware to Recover Lost Files after Formatting, Deleting or Other Reasons
If you don’t have a habit of backup or copying files on your SD card, you may run into data loss on your SD card due to formatting, deleting or other reasons. If the lost files are very important and unique, you have no choice but have to recover them. It would be a difficult work if you want to get back the lost files.

When you delete files from the card or when you format the SD card on your mobile phone or digital camera, there is no Recycle Bin from which you can restore the deleted files. If the SD card shows raw file system and asks you to format the card, what should you do? Formatting the SD card but loss all the files inside? Or not formatting the card but have no way to access the data inside? 

Firstly, I can say surely you still have chance to restore the important files when you meet the problem above. SD card recovery software enables you to effectively recover lost files without any charge. Moreover, please attention that you cannot format the memory card when it shows errors if you want to restore the files on the card.

How Is It Possible to Recover Lost Files?
First SD Card Recovery Freeware (Recommend)
Second SD Card Recovery Freeware

Step1. Choose the recovery module
Download and install the SD card recovery software to your computer. Connect the SD card to your computer and launch the software to view its main interface. Select the appropriate recovery module according to the case of data loss.  

Step2. Scan the SD memory card
All the drives are listed there and select the SD card drive letter from which you need to restore lost files. You will see the process of scanning, during which you can do something else and wait patiently.

Step3. Preview the found files
When the scan is finished, it will show you a partition list; tick the partition to show you all the found files so that you can evaluate the quality of the found files.
Notice: If the file is too large, it may be impossible to preview before you recover it.

Step4. Choose a device to save the recovered files
Tick all the files you want to recover and save the selected files. You need to choose a folder to save the recovered files (Don’t save the recovered files to the original SD card).


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