Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Freeware for USB Drive Format Recovery, USB Drive Not Formatted Error

Any Way to Recover Formatted USB Drive?
Data loss happens every day. You may format your USB drive by mistake, and all the files such as videos, music and photos and more on the USB drive are lost? Or you may meet the error messages such as USB drive is not formatted? Then you formatted the USB drive in order to access the data on it. What is worse, you don’t backup the data on the drive. In such a situation, is there any way to recover data from formatted USB drive such as USB flash drive or USB pen drive? The answer is yes! You can recover the lost data from formatted USB drive by using USB drive recovery software.

Free Recover Formatted USB Flash Drive
To perform USB drive format recovery, you need to rely on USB drive recovery software which is able to help you recover any file after format. The software supports all brands of USB flash drive and it can recover lost photos, videos, music, emails, documents, etc. This software also allows you to recover images from formatted SD card or when micro SD card requires formatting.

Select the Software Based on Your Needs
The first must try recovery software is a freeware to recover files from all types of memory card, so you can refer to free card recovery tutorials if you want to recover memory card data.
First must try recovery software

The second must try recovery software is also a freeware which can recover photos, videos, music, etc from memory card, USB drive, hard drive, external drive, etc. Please refer to best data recovery software for step by step guide.

The third must try recovery software is available for free download, with which you can recover any type of file from all storage devices. You can visit  recommended data recovery to learn detailed steps.

USB Drive Is Not Formatted
When USB flash drive is saying not formatted, Windows will ask you to format the drive. Don’t worry! You can also use USB drive recovery software to retrieve files from the USB flash drive before you format the drive. 

Where are My Files after Format USB Drive?
Is it very easy to recover files from formatted USB drive? But why is it so easy to recover it and where are the files gone after you format the USB drive? Simply say, after you format the USB drive, all the files has been nowhere but still stored there. But the name and properties of these files are hidden, so you cannot access them. So you only need to find out those hidden files and they will be recovered successfully. Although it is easy to recover lost data, you should make sure not overwrite the old data, otherwise you may lose the chance to recover them because data which is overwritten cannot be recovered. 

Tips for Formatted USB Drive
1. If you format your USB drive on purpose. You should think over if you really want to format it.
2. If you format your USB drive due to a USB drive not formatted error, please keep in mind: never format the USB drive before the data on it is recovered when it asks you to do.
3. If you’ve formatted your USB drive either by mistake or on purpose, never overwrite the USB drive if you still want to recover the data on it.
4. Never store recovered data to the original USB drive in case of overwriting.
5. Remember always backup important data.

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