Tuesday, May 5, 2015

How Can I Recover Photos on My SD Card

"I mistakenly formatted my SanDisk 2GB SD card on my digital camera just now. The SD card contained thousands of pictures before formatting. Now, I cannot find those pictures anymore. I want to know what I can do to restore those lost photos after formatting. Please tell me how to unformat an SD memory card and get back lost photos."

"I deleted some photos on my SD card by mistake when I connected the card to my computer. Those pictures are quite important to me, so I want to get them back. But I don’t know what to do to retrieve photos after deleting from SD card. Can anybody tell me a solution?"

SD Card Photo Recovery with Data Recovery Software
Mistakenly deleting precious photos off an SD card? Accidentally formatting an SD card and lose everything on the card? Cannot access SD card due to memory card error? When important data got lost from SD card due to such kind of reasons, you should stop using the card and then download the iCare Data Recovery Software to perform data recovery. This data recovery software can work on Windows PC to help restore any type of files after formatting, deleting or when SD card shows not formatted error, RAW drive error and other similar kinds of errors. By using this data recovery software, you can restore data off any brand of SD card. 


Now, you can recover lost photos from SD card by following the steps below:
Step1. Connect the SD card to your computer. Then, download and install iCare Data Recovery Software on the computer. Launch the software and choose a recovery module.
Step2. Choose the SD card to let the software scan. You only need to wait patiently before the scanning is completed.
Step3. When the scanning is completed, you can see all found files. You are allowed to preview the found photos. Then, you can choose the files lost from your SD card and save them.

Recover Deleted Files off SD Card
It is a common cause that you delete files off an SD card by mistake or on purpose. Anyway, when you delete files on an SD card, it will be erase immediately from the card. However, it does not mean that you lose the deleted files permanently. In the other words, you can get back the deleted files off an SD card. iCare Data Recovery Software enables you to scan the SD card and search for all lost files including photos, music, videos, documents and more. The most important point for SD card deleted file recovery is that you cannot write new data to the card because it may overwrite the deleted data.

Memory Card Photo Recovery after Formatting
Formatting is able to erase a memory card quickly and prepare the memory card for new data storage. If you mistakenly format a memory card when it contains important photos, what can you do to get back the lost data? In this situation, you can also rely on iCare Data Recovery Software. This data recovery software allows you to recover photos from any type of memory card whether you quick format or full format the card.

Other Causes for SD Card Photo Loss
Formatting and deletion are the most common reasons for SD card photo loss. Here are some other possible reasons that cause data loss on an SD memory card:
>> SD card is not formatted do you want to format it now
>> Digital camera says that no memory card inserted error
>> SD card is not initialized
>> Memory card is corrupted and unrecognized
When you lose photos off SD card due to the reasons above, iCare Data Recovery Software is still available for lost file recovery as long as the card is not physically damaged. This software also helps recover files from CF card after deleting or when CF card is in RAW format.

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