Monday, June 15, 2015

How to Transfer Computer Operating System from Old HDD to SSD?

Need Migrate Windows Operating System from HDD to SSD?
Hello, friends there! Recently, I have purchased a new Samsung 850 EVO 500GB SSD for my laptop and planed to use it to replace my old HDD that has been used for nearly two years. Do you have any easy way for me to move the computer operating system from HDD to SSD? And all my computer information of past years is also stored on that HDD. What’s the easiest way to migrate laptop OS from one drive to another without losing computer data? Thanks for any suggestions here!  

OK! Have you transferred your laptop operating system successfully from that HDD to SSD smoothly? If not, immediately back up all original computer HDD data on a different hard drives or storage devices and take chances with some drive cloning software, which can help copy the selected information of one hard drive to another with simple steps.

Transfer Computer OS with Cloning Software

It always is not an easy task to copy entire computer files, videos, images, mails, audios, programs, games, operating system and more from one to another drive manually. That’s why the Cloning software is created and developed for people to especially cope with such troublesome and time-consuming tasks. So, in your case, even without knowledge much computer knowledge, you also can merely select and download reliable cloning software, Like Clonezilla cloning software, Norton Ghost, Paragon Backup and Recovery, etc, to successfully transfer your laptop OS files and folders from HDD to SDD with several simple clicks.

How to Easily Clone Computer Data from One Drive to Another?

With efficient hard disk cloning software, people always can clone the computer operating system from one drive to another within several simple steps:
Here is the common step guide for you:
Step1. Download and install the selected software on your Windows computer.
Step2. Follow software guide to assign the detected HDD as the source disk and specify the listed SSD as the destination drive.
Step3. Check the hard drive layout well and start to proceed the drive cloning process.

Please Note:
* Save everything important stored on that old HDD to another storage device or online storage to avoid data loss troubles in advance.
* Check the layouts of two drives well and make sure both of them are the same in case of some disk data cloning failures. Of course, if the layouts of them are really different. With an efficient tool, it will also automatically help adjust that for you. So, it is essential to choose a proper cloning tool.

Cloning Software Interview

The disk cloning software is a program that can help copy all assigned information, like pictures, films, videos, messages, documents, games, programs and more computer stuffs, from the source hard disk to the destination hard disk as soon as possible. Moreover, if necessary, people also can create an "image" file that contains entire computer files and folders with this cloning software so that they can easily backup and restore data on one click. So, such cloning software can not only help transfer data from different storage devices and also can contribute to protecting computer drive data.

Additional Suggestions:

1). Back up all important computer data on another external drives or network locations well.
As you’ve described above, you do have stored all computer information of the past year on that old HHD. In case that some unwanted data loss troubles come to you, you’d better prepare data backups well on your extra external drives, flash drives, online storage or else storage devices. Once you do accidentally delete some computer files or folders, you do can easily copy them all back from saved data backups. 
2). Format Your SSD on this computer at first.
NO matter what type of storage devices, including the commonly-used USB flash drives, external hard drives, SSD or memory cards, it is always better to firstly be formatted for avoiding some not formatted error or related disk error problems when it is firstly used on a computer.
3). Apply Hard drive data recovery software to get deleted or lost drive information back.
Have forgotten to make HDD data backups or have not timely backed up disk information to another drive or network location? However, also mistakenly delete something important off from SSD? Need solutions to get the original information back as much as possible? Clam down! Apply hard drive data recovery software to recover your deleted, missing or lost drive data after accidental deletion, mistake hard drive quick/full format, hard drive not formatted errors, or hard drive RAW file system errors, etc. 

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