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Unable to Delete Any File or Folder from Memory card

Memory Card Photos, Files, Videos & Others Cannot Be Deleted?

Hey, friends! When attaching memory card, like SD cards, CF cards, Micro SD cards, MMC cards or memory stick, to your computer and trying to delete some useless or unwanted stuff inside, you just find they all cannot be deleted or erased no matter how many times you have done that deleting process? Even after you’ve formatted this memory card, you do find these original memory card files and folders are still there? Really need help to get rid of the card information? OK! Such undeletable memory card information problem can be aroused for many reasons. Moreover, different reasons often also need different solutions. Here, to help you delete them all smoothly, three major causes and solutions will be introduced for you. Just continue your reading and check which one of them is practical for you.


Cause 1: Memory Card Is Write-Protected

Have you get any error or warning message when you are trying to delete the photos, files, videos and more off from that memory card? Really receive a Windows error message saying: "The disk is write-protected. Remove the write protection or use another disk"? All right! In fact, the write-protection error is really one of the major reasons why you are unable to delete anything inside this memory card. Honestly speaking, when your memory card is indeed write-protected, you are not only unable to delete stuffs inside, and also even cannot copy, cut, paste and even edit anything inside. Needless to say, you are allowed to format this memory card.

Solution 1: Remove the Write Protection Function before Deletion

Hence, in order to erase your wanted information with success, you are supposed to firstly remove the write protection function of this memory card at first. So, in this moment, confirm the write protection switch of your memory card and check whether it is still on. Of course, if it is not the memory card that has been write-protected, you’d better also firstly reset your computer manually and change the write protection settings to all external storage devices. Of course, if it is possible, you also can try to download some professional software to disable the write-protection error. 

Cause 2: Your Desired Memory Card Contents Are Encrypted Somehow

The memory card contents also can be undeletable when they all are encrypted somehow. In these days, in order to keep crucial memory card data safe all the time, many people do encrypt their files, pictures, videos and other stuffs with special passwords. Without the specific passwords to encrypt these files, people often also cannot easily delete, erase or remove these stuffs.

Solution 2: Decrypt These Memory Card Files

Hence, when your memory card files are really password protected, immediately find that password and decrypt your desired memory card files before deletion. If you do forget the password, also do not panic! There are still many password removing tools that can help you find or remove file password and let you access them smoothly. And then, simply delete all your desired files, texts, pictures, songs and others freely.  

Causes 3: All Memory Card Files Are System Files

Are you trying to delete some system files of this memory card? Generally, some system files and folders stored on a memory card by the manufacturers are often set to be undeletable. That’s why you cannot delete or erase them no matter how many times you’d done that deleting process.

Solution 3: Apply Memory Card Eraser Software

Honestly, if these files are really system files, you’d better not delete them in case of causing some memory card damages or errors. Of course, if you simply want to delete them for freeing up some memory card space, you’d better take chances with else files and folders instead. However, if you really need to delete these system files and folders, some memory card eraser software also can be your chance.

Additional Suggestions:

1). Double Check Memory Card Contents well & Prepare Data Backups well all the Time.
When trying to delete something useless or unnecessary off from memory card, many people also encounter some data loss troubles for accidentally choosing the wrong files/folders, carelessly pressing shift delete buttons and inadvertently deleting something without extra copies stored elsewhere. Hence, to avoid such unexpected deleted data loss issues, you’d better always double check memory card contents well and also prepare data backups well before deletion.
2). Delete Something Useful by Mistake? Deleted Memory Card Data Recovery Software Can Help.
Have deleted something useful off from this memory card mistakenly at last? All right! Don’t be nervous! Your memory card files, documents, images, music and movies may be still recoverable. Just stop taking new photos, making new files or moving new stuffs on this memory card and download deleted memory card data recovery software to recover all possible original data back. 

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