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How to Recover Data from Partition That Is Damaged during Merging?

PC Partitions Seems to Be Damaged During Partition Merging?

Situation1: Hello, yesterday, in order to cope with the low disk space issue with my computer C partition, I did try to merge two partitions through software. But, I didn’t know why it just failed finally and both of my two partitions were gone. And all the stored information, including precious pictures, videos, documents and songs were lost, too. Are these two partitions damaged for that failure? What can I do now? Please tell me how to recover data from these damaged partitions?

Sitaution2: Hey, last night, when trying to combine two partitions into one, I just deleted one of them and found there was no data backup stored elsewhere. Now, the two partitions have been merged into one successfully. Is it still possible for e to extract computer drive photos and files?
Hello, it is pretty easy for you to take your partition data back from that failed or deleted drive partition as long as your original PC photos, videos and files are not corrupted by any fresh data on the same storage device. Just keep reading to recover your partition data.

Stop Using the Hard Drive Where That Partition Locates

No matter the original drive partition is really deleted or damaged, as long as the stored information is not replaced completely by new information, including some new pictures, documents, games, messages and files, etc, it is quite easy for you to recover them back at the aid of computer partition data recovery software which can scan the specific partition and does all its efforts to take the previous stuffs back. Hence, in case of losing more partition stuffs, you’d better avoid saving or moving anything else to this hard drive where that partition locations. Simply connect another external drive, flash drive or other storage device to save your desired data, including the download partition data recovery software.

Scan That Drive Partition with Partition Data Recovery Software with Patience

No matter what you’ve done to the deleted or seemly failed PC partition, before the situation goes worse, take chances with partition data recovery software immediately. Merely select and download a compatible partition data recovery program according to your computer conditions and scan this partition with patience.

Please Note: After the partition recovery process, no matter how many original photos and files have been rescued back, do move them to another different hard drive or storage device in case of data recovery failures.

Learn to Merge Hard Drive Partition with Professional Partition Resizing Software

People do merge their PC partitions when they find their computer partitions are divided unreasonably. However, since not all people have a good knowledge about the partition merging, in some cases, they do get the above mentioned failed partition error and deleted partition data loss problems during the merging process. But, in my opinion, if you really have no idea about related partition merging/deleting/dividing knowledge or methods, you’d better select proper partition resizing software to freely merging or dividing specific partition space.

Additional Suggestions

1). Prepare two or more partition data copies stored elsewhere before any emerging process.
In many partition data loss troubles, most of people lose their cherished computer partition data since they do prepare no extra partition data backups elsewhere. Hence, after experiencing this data loss troubles, remember to make partition data backups at least on two different external drives, flash drives or else storage devices.
2). Choose partition resizing software according to your own conditions.
Partition resizing software is simply a program that is especially designed to help people freely adjust the selected partition space. With reliable partition resizing software, you often can easily change the capacity of a specific partition and also freely change the numbers of your computer partitions, from two to three, from four to three or even from four to one, etc. Moreover, with right partition data recovery software, when you forget to make data backups in advance, it will also ask your permission to help you prepare partition data backups well. Therefore, remember to select your desired one according to your own conditions and needs. 

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