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Samsung SSD 840 EVO VS 850 PRO

Need Choose a Better SSD for Your PC from Samsung SSD 840 EVO or 850 PRO? 

Situation1: Hey, everyone there! I do have a Samsung 840 evo SSD which has been used on my laptop for several years and always works fine there. However, recently, I have learned that the Samsung 850 pro is introduced and also does have its own advantages. So, I am wondering whether it is worth upgrading the old 840 to the newly revealed 850 pro for my computer. How do you think?

Situation2: Hey, recently, I am trying to choose a SSD for my Samsung computer and really confused about the 840 evo SSD and 850 pro SSD. Do you know the difference between these two types of SSD drives? Can anyone tell me which one is better for my future use? 

Situation3: Hey, is there any one to tell me why there is such a difference between the 840 evo SSD and 850 SSD? Is it worth for me to purchase more money and get an 850 pro SSD for my new game computer?
Hello, friends. Both of the Samsung 840 evo SSD and 850 pro SSD are modern 3 generation SATA solid state drives introduced by the Samsung Company and have been designed with great performance. In order to choose a proper one for your computer, you’d better firstly know the difference between them.  

What’s the Difference between Samsung SSD 840 EVO & 850 PRO?

Honestly, as the SSD products of Samsung Company, the 840 evo SSD and 850 pro SSD do have really similar performance levels and can help extremely improve the computer performance. However, since they two are introduced differently, they do also have different features.
1). Read and write speed 
Since the 850 pro SSD is introduced later than the 840 EVO SSD, the reading and wring speed of 850 pro SSD drives is much faster than the 840 evo SSD.
2). Power consumption
Except improving the reading and writing speed, the designers of the 850 pro SSD also develop the power consumption technologies and let the 850 pro SSD consume far less power than the older 840 evo SSD when being used on a computer.   
3). Warranty
With different features, they also have been arranged with different warranty. Take the 840 evo SSD as an example. When you do have bought a common 840 evo SSD with 1120 GB, 250GB or 500GB, 1TB, etc, you often will also get a 3-year warranty. However, if you do have purchased a 852 pro SSD with similar capacity, you often will get up to 10-year warranty. This is perhaps one of the reasons why the latest 850 pro SSD is a little bit expensive than an 840 evo SSD.
4). Life span
The 850 Pro SSD also gets a longer life span than the 840 evo SSD.
5). Price
The 850 pro SSD is also labeled with higher price than the older 840 evo SSD.
Overall, the recently revealed 850 pro SSD seems to get a better performance in different aspects. Go try to get your desired one according to your own needs.

Choose One SSD Based on Your Own Conditions

Have decided on which one is proper for your PC after reading the above detailed differences? In fact, no matter how greatly the newly introduced 850 pro SSD has been designed, you’d better always choose one according to your own conditions. For example, as the first situation as an example, if the old 840 pro SSD really works well and gets no error or problem, it is always no need to upgrade to the 850 pro, especially when you do have no extra money for that. As with the second situation, if you do get enough money and want to have a good computer performance, the 850 pro SSD could be a better choice for you. Overall, no mater which one you prefer to choose, always learn to rationally make your decision based on your own conditions.

Samsung SSD Interview

Actually, except the above mentioned 840 evo SSD and 850 pro SSD, there are also other related Samsung SSD drives, like: 850 evo SSD, 840 pro SSD and more. Different types also get different features. For example, the 850 evo SSD often gets 5-year warranty and cost far less power than the common 850 pro SSD. And, in comparison with 840 evo, 840 pro gets five-year warranty and has faster reading and writing speed. 

Make SSD Data Backups Well

Honestly, no matter which type of SSD drives you prefer to use, it is always necessary to save the very important drive data, like some previous pictures, films, documents, favorite songs and other stuffs, on different drives or devices well all the time. Only in this way, when something crucial is deleted or lost for human errors or drive errors, you also can have chance to take original data back. Of course, if you really prepare no data backups in advance, also do not worry. With the original SSD around, you also can download and apply hard drive data recovery software to take everything previous back after expected deletion or format.  

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