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Cannot Safely Remove External Hard Disk/USB Flash Drive

Cannot Eject USB Hard Disk/Flash Drive or Find no Safely Remove Hardware Icon There?

Situation1: Hey, friends there! This morning, when it came to unplug my Toshiba USB drive out from my desktop computer with "Safely Hardware Remove", I just got a message saying: "The device is still in use by one or more programs". But, I did remember I had closed the open files inside this drive. How come it possible to be still in use? Do you know what’s going on there? Can I directly remove this drive without that safely removing permission? Thanks here!

Situation2: Hello, everyone there! Thanks for any advice here! In fact, I do have a Seagate external hard disk that holds tons of documents, pictures, songs and some interesting films. However, recently, after enjoying some videos inside this drive on my Samsung laptop with my boyfriend, when I set out to remove it as usual, I just found the "Safely Hardware Remove" icon disappeared somehow. Is it proper to extract external hard disk without clicking that icon? Does it cause any hard disk data loss troubles? I really don’t want to lose anything inside since there is no extra drive data copy elsewhere! 

Hello, friends! People sometimes are really not allowed to safely eject their USB hard disk or flash drive when there are really some programs, files or processes which are still used by your computer. Of course, the missing "Safely Hardware Remove" icon also can be one of the reasons why you cannot eject it safely out from your PC. However, no matter what your reason is, never rudely remove this drive to cause any unwanted drive problems, especially some drive important data loss troubles and then, go follow the below introduction to fix this issue.

Why You Are Unable to Safely Remove Drive with Safely Remove Hardware Tool?

As you’ve read above, there are some reasons that can cause you these drive problem unexpectedly. When you really encounter one, never rush to directly remove it out from your computer to damage your external drive or USB flash drive and directly track down the possible reasons to help find the practical solutions. Here are some possible reasons.
* The USB hard disk/ flash drive files, programs, videos, songs and pictures are still used or accessed by your PC.
* The computer "Safely Hardware Remove" icon cannot be found in the common notification area.
* Some background processes related to some files or programs stored on your drive are still in use.
Find anyone of then is practical with your situation? Hope yours is not too complicated.

Go Show the Safely Remove Hardware Icon Up & Try Again

And now, cannot find the computer "Safely Hardware Remove" icon and also cannot straightly remove this external drive/pen drive to make some drive troubles? OK! In your case, you are supposed to show that icon up and go click the shown icon to see whether it can help you safely remove this drive like this:
Step1: Randomly right click the desktop of your computer to choose "Shortcut".
Step2: Type in "RunDll32.exe shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL hotplug.dll" in the blank dialog box to click "Next".
Step3. Change the name into "Safely Hardware Remove" and press "Finish".
Step4. Directly click the created new "Safely Hardware Remove" shortcut to extract your drive as you wish.
Please Note: Even without the "Safely Hardware Remove" icon, you can also open it with the common prompt like this: Open "Run" too after clicking "Start" and enter "RunDll32.exe shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL hotplug.dll". And press "OK" button to choose and close the desired device.

And Then, Follow Instructions to Smoothly Eject External Drive/ USB Drive out from PC

But, when you do show up the "Safely Hardware Remove" icon, you are also told: "The device cannot be stopped because a program is still accessing…" or other similar message notifications? OK! You can go try these solutions to remove this drive issue as bellow:
1). Close all programs and files that hold on your portable hard disk/flash drive
Are you sure you do have not forgotten to close or end all the open portable/flash drive documents, pictures, movies, songs or other information? If not, you’d better reopen this USB drive/hard disk to check whether there are still some programs and files which are still working there.
2). Close the possible background processes with Task Manager.
When you do surely end all possible files and program, you do have received message notification? OK! Perhaps, there are still some background processes which have been used by your computer. Immediately, open the task manager tool and also close all processes there as below:
Step1. Right click the blue bottom area of your desktop and choose "Task Manager”.
Step2. Open Processes tab and choose all using processes related to the programs or files stored on your USB drive or hard disk.
Step3. Click "End" button to close them all completely.
Please Note: Always be careful to choose the listed processes and do not to wrong select some essential computer system processes.
3). Use some professional software to help. 
Of course, if you also cannot remove this drive after trying above all, you may get some drive problems somehow, go try some professional software and see whether they can help. Of course, in case that your computer cannot remove this drive safely because of very, very slow response, you may wait for sometime and go try it again there.

Pay Attentions to Several Tips:

1). Never rudely remove external storage device to avoid some hard disk problems.
Generally, the rude external storage device extraction can damage your physical USB drive/hard disk and put your important data inside in danger. Therefore, unless you are really urgent, never straightly remove this USB storage device out from your PC.
2). Never forget to save several USB drive or hard disk data backups on other drives, locations or network storage.
It is often important to save the USB drive/hard disk data backups on other different devices before you really start to remove it from your PC. Only in this way, even you do get some hard drive problems and cannot access the stuffs stored inside, you still can rescue the valuable drive data elsewhere. Therefore, never forget to back up your drive data on other drives, locations or network storage in advance.
3). Recover external hard disk/pen drive files after removing them improperly& meeting drive problems.
External hard disk/flash drive files, photos, music, videos and the like contents are all inaccessible or lost for your rude or improper extraction? USB drive/hard disk just asks you to format after your straight drive removing? OK! Before everything inside is really go, go recoverdata from not formatted external drive / flash drive with data recovery software.

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