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What Are the Differences Between WD Black, Blue, Green and Red?

Which One Is Better for Your PC?

Hey, guys there! I am thinking of purchasing a Western Digital internal drive to build my new game computer and also have found there are four types of similar hard drives: the WD Blue, WD Green, WD Black and WD Red. They all are labeled with different prices as well as different features. Can anyone tell me which one is better for my game computer? What are the differences between them? Thanks!

Western Digital internal and external hard drives are all designed with high quality and great features for customers all over the world. However, not all of them are proper for every PC in the world. So, you are definitely right to analyze the differences between these WD black, read, blue and read drives before you pick one for your computer correspondingly.

WD Black, Blue, Green & Read Overview & Differences 

In order to take a proper internal hard drive for your game computer from these four type of WD drives, you’d better firstly read some essential information about these hard drives and then, start to analyzes the differences. Therefore, here is some related information for you to go on:
1). WD Black
With a SATA 6 GB/S interface, the WD black internal hard drives are designed with capacities from 160GB to 750GB and also offer a full range of high performance, like the high RPM spin speed up to 7200 and 16 MB cache. So, in this way, with light in weight and high performance, it is definitely great for different notebook computers.
2). WD Blue
Being equipped with a SATA 6GB/S or SATA 3GB/S interface, the WD blue internal hard drives are designed with capacities from 16GB to 1TB and the cache sizes are also ranging from 16MB to 64GB. The RPM spin speed is also up to 5400. It is really proper for nearly all common computers.
3). WD Green
With a common SATA 6 GB/S interface, the WD Green internal hard drives have been developed with much larger capacity, like the 500GB, 1TB, 3TB, 5TB and 6TB, etc. Its cache sizes are also extremely high, like 64GB. So, in this ways, such hard drives can be really proper for people who need far more capacities to hold computer system files, programs, fames and other space consumption stuffs.
4). WD Red
Also being equipped with a SATA 6GB/S interface, the WD Red internal hard drives are also developed with high capacity from 750GB to 4TB and its cache sizes are also up to 64MB. However, they are more likely to be regarded as a hybrid between the WD Green and Black drives. It is really ideal for some computer RAID.
See? These WD hard drives do have their own features and proper for computer with different configures.

How to Choose One from Them for Your Computer?

Carefully check the hard drive information and go choose a proper one from these WD drives. Here are some suggestions that can help you make a wise decision:
1). The WD Green drives are much more satisfying for people who want less power consumption.
With high performance, the WD green drives can be a good choice for customers who want less power consumption. Moreover, with much larger capacity, they are also able to help hold much more computer information and also place a low impact on the computer smart response.
2). The WD Blue drives are some standard drives for your computers.
Without some special needs, like lower power consumptions, far larger space, much faster speeds or higher performance, the WD Blue drives could be the best choices. They are really the most standard types, in compassion with the rest three types of hard drives.
3). The WD Black drives are good choices for some notebook computers.
With a full range of high performance and lighter in weight, these WD Black drivers are better for some notebook computers which can be taken from one place to another easily.
4). The WD Red drives are better for network attached storage devices.
The WD Red drives are some performance-oriented drives that can spin effectively at variable rates. Hence, in this way, they are better for some network attached storage devices, like the common used RAID.
Overall, different drives can be used on different computer according to your own needs. Of course, these suggestions are not absolutely unchangeable. When you really want to choose a WD Blue drive for your game computer because of the different drive price, it is also OK! It’s all up to you.


1). Always make WD drive data backups well, no matter which type of them you have chosen.
In the future, no matter which type of WD hard drive you’ve picked for your PC, like the WD black, green, red and blue, always remember to format this external drive when it is firstly used on your computer and also regularly save important drive data on different drives or locations in case of data loss troubles.
2). Get WD hard drive/partition data back with drive data recovery software.
In the future, if you unfortunately delete some WD drive/partition data or format entire hard drive/partition without data backups, you still can stop using this hard drive/partition and go try harddrive data recovery software to recover deleted drive files back. Of course, you are also supposed to search and select a proper data recovery tool according to your own needs.

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