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External Hard Disk Files & Folders Disappeared after Running Disk Check

Why My External Hard Disk Files & Folders Were Gone after Running Disk Check?
Hello, hope you can help me recover very important USB hard disk files back. Honestly, I do have a 500GB Seagate USB portable hard disk that has hold nearly 10GB of videos, documents and songs of the last business meeting. However, last night, after clicking "Check Now" button to test this hard disk since it asked me to format before any access, all the stored hard disk information was gone completely. I just found it all back nowhere. Do you know what on earth has happened there? What can I do now to find my external drive files back after that disk error-checking process? Thank you very much!  

Hey, there! Are you sure that you’ve done nothing else to this external hard disk during or after the disk checking process? Or have you ever saved the important business meeting information elsewhere? OK! If you are sure you do create some hard disk data backups elsewhere, go copy the original disk data back as much as possible. But, if you do really do perform noting there during or after that disk error checking process, you disk may get some problem somehow. Go extract your computer hard disk data back with the help of external drive not formatted error recovery software and go repair the hard disk finally.

Simple Steps to Help You Retrieve Hard Disk Files & Fix Hard Disk Problems
Really need get hard disk files and folders back after running disk check and also repair this USB hard disk smoothly? OK! Here is what you are supposed to do:
Step1: Go try show up hidden external drive files and folders.
Generally, no matter what you have done to the assigned USB portable hard disk, the left drive information often can disappear when you hide them somehow unintentionally. Therefore, firstly go try whether these original hard disk videos, documents, songs and more can be shown up again. What you are supposed to do is really simple, like: Start=> Run => Type in "control folders" => View=> Mark "Show hidden files and folders" => OK.
And then, open your external hard disk and see whether all contents are all restored back.
Please Note: Only try to unhide the hard disk stuffs and never write/move new information to overwrite this drive in case of worse data loss troubles.
Step2. Rescue hard disk files and folders with reliable USB hard disk file recovery software.
The computer hard disk information also could be disappeared weirdly due to some hard disk damages, hard disk RAW file systemerror and even virus infection and more. Therefore, in case of losing more hard disk data really, it is always not so proper to write or save anything fresh on this original external hard disk. Therefore, from now on, end using this drive to hold new stuffs and download reliable data recovery software to see whether the hard disk videos, photos and files are still possible to be recovered back.
Please Note: NO matter whether your selected hard disk data recovery software to retrieve your lost files back completely or not, also move nothing rescued to the same USB hard disk in case of data recovery failures.
Of course, it is also not too late to make drive data backups on else drives or locations to avoid such troublesome data loss issues.
Step3: Format this external hard disk to fix all possible problems.
Generally, no matter whether this USB removable hard disk is inaccessible due to virus, RAW file system error, sudden power loss or the likes, the formatting process also can help fix some common hard disk problems and restore its common use. Hence, after retrieving your lost files from this external drive, formatting this drive can help you a lot in repairing it.
Step4. Check this USB hard disk patiently with diagnostic tools at last.
But, if that hard disk formatting process seems to be useless, your hard disk may get some terrible damages. Merely perform a diagnostic process there with some professional software and see what’s wrong with it.

Learn Useful Lessons from This External Drive Data Loss Trouble:
1). Create USB hard disk file and folder backups before any disk checking process.
Wiping something very important off from hard disk due to some disk checking process could be really unreadable sometimes and also troublesome to fix. Therefore, next time, always save the USB hard disk files and folders well on the second or third external storage devices before running disk check.
2). Take your time to check USB hard disk contents before any disk checking process.
If you get no habit to timely prepare drive data backups elsewhere, you also are able to protect your hard disk data by double checking the portable hard disk contents carefully before any disk checking process. When you do find something is very, very valuable, merely save copies of them on other drives or devices at first.

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