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How to Add a Second Hard Disk to a Computer?

Need Add More Internal Hard Disk to Your PC?
Situation1: Hello, guys there! Recently, I was trying to add a second internal hard disk to my PC since the older PC hard disk is running out of space. But, the problem was that I really did not know much about computer knowledge and didn’t succeed at last. Honestly, now, I do have had a SATA hard disk and don’t know what am I supposed to do for adding this drive to my computer? Do you have any idea for me now?

Sitaution2: Hey, several days ago, I purchased a 500GB WD internal hard disk and planed to use it on my computer at home. However, the old internal hard disk installed on my computer also had held much important computer data, like the file system files and folders, games, applications and more. So, I also didn’t want to remove the original hard disk. I only wonder to add this hard disk for enlarging the PC space. Is it possible to do that? Thanks for any answer here. 
Hello, friends! What version of windows are you using now on your PC, the Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 or the newly introduced Windows 10? To be honest, when a computer hard disk is really running out of space, except the common ways to freeing up hard disk space or enlarging hard disk space, including deleting some trash files or changing another larger hard disk to instead of the older one, people are also able to simply add a second internal hard disk to the same computer for fixing everything. However, different computer conditions also can bring people different results. Read more detailed information here to see what you can do to add extra hard disk to your PC.

What You Should Do before Adding & Setting up an Extra PC Hard Disk?
It is possible for people to add and set up an extra internal hard disk to the original PC for extending its free space. However, that doesn’t mean people can always do that successfully all the time. In case of some unexpected problems, you are also supposed to do something necessary at first.
1). Check your computer figuration state and see whether it is possible to add a second hard disk there. 
Not all computers allow users to add extra hard disks for future use. And not all computers support adding hard disks with IDE or SATA connection port. Hence, always check whether it is possible for your computer to add a second hard disk and which type of hard disk connection ports your computer supports in advance. So, carefully check your computer.
2). Prepare PC hard disk data backups and store them all on different drives or devices.
After checking your computer conditions well, you are also suggested to prepare hard disk data backups and save them all on different storage devices in case of data loss troubles. Merely directly copy the important hard disk files, games, applications and movies, and paste them on other safe drives, flash drives or devices well in advance.
Please Note: In case of losing PC data unexpectedly, the data backups are always necessary. However, when you do lose something crucial unintentionally, also timely download hard disk data recovery software to recover the lost data from hard disk with easy steps.
And then, you can start to add this drive to your PC as below guidance.

Simple Instructions to Add a Second Hard Disk to a Computer  
What types of hard disk connection ports your computer supports, the IDE or SATA type? If you really have no idea about such information, open the compute instruction or computer cases to check it personally.
Honestly, according to different connection ports that your old hard disk has got, you often will also follow different steps to add the second hard drive to your PC.
1). When your computer supports hard disks with SATA connection ports, you can easily connect this new disk to your PC.   
Honestly, many older desktop computers do have been designed with SATA connection ports. If your computer is also equipped with the same type connection ports, merely open your computer case and connect this new hard disk to the connection port that is next to the one of your original internal hard disk. Generally, you also are not supposed to set other computer information and can easily use it there.
2). When your computer support hard disks with IDE connection ports, you’d better do more to add the new disks.
But, if you computer supports the hard disks with IDE connection ports only, you’d better purchase a new internal hard disk with IDE connection port and also prepare a standard IDE able and connector. And then, connect the two internal hard disks to this prepared connector and plunge it to the motherboard of your PC. And then, set the original hard disk as the "Master" and the new hard disk as the "Slave". And, at last, do it freely.
Please Note: No matter whether you’ve made PC hard disk data backups at first, always safely remove the original computer hard disk and shut down the computer before you plunge the new one to your PC in case of hard disk problems.

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