Monday, September 21, 2015

SD Card Error Fix-How to Remove "SD Card Is Blank or Has Unsupported File System" Error

SD Card Is Blank or Has Unsupported File System?
"Hello, 16GB SD card that is used on my Samsung note 2 stops working when I try to read it on my Samsung PC. There is an error messages shown and saying: "the SD card is blank or has unsupported file system…" When clicking on this popped-out message, it just reported this memory card needs to be formatted. What do you know about this SD card blank error? How can I fix it smoothly? Any answer will be appreciated here greatly! "

Think about throwing this SD card away when you do find there is no way to remove this SD card blank error? OK! It is not too late to give up this original memory card after you’ve tried all possible methods to fix this SD card unsupported file system error. Of course, if it is necessary, you also can recover the memory card data out before you get rid of the memory card error problem.

How Do You Know about the Unsupported File System Error? 
Do you know what the meaning of "SD card is blank or has unsupported file system" is? Have no idea? OK! No panic! Generally, when this error notification pops out, it often means your original memory card has been detected with an unsupported file system, the memory card RAW file system, not the common FAT32 file system. When your hard disk is really displayed as RAW format in Disk Management, your memory card often can not be recognized properly there. That’s exactly why your SD card is also blank. However, also do not worry too much! Though this memory card has RAW file system error, your memory may not really be seriously damaged and the hard disk data inside also may not be destroyed completely. Therefore, there are still chances for you to rescue your SD card and inner data.

Left Much Important Data on This Memory Card? Go Recover Card Data at First!
Have left much important data on this SD card with an unsupported file system error, like videos, Word files, PPT files, photos, videos, texts, messages and other information? Also have not recovered all your desired back from the memory card backups? All right! Before you set out to remove this memory card error, go recover your hard disk data at first. What you need to use is only some memory card RAW file system recovery software.
Please Note: As long as you do have crucial data left on this RAW SD card, new information is often supposed to be far away from this original memory card in case of data recovery failures.
Also prepare and update your SD card data backups regularly in the future.

Remove SD Card Blank or Unsupported File System Error Problem
No matter why your SD card becomes blank and gets an unsupported file system error this time, you do have chances to restore your memory card back and use it functionally as before. Merely save the restored original data to other drives or storage devices and format thismemory card on your Samsung PC. Always act carefully to choose a compatible file system for your memory card.

Test Memory Card with CHKDSK
Original memory card still cannot work well there even after you format this SD memory card from RAW to FAT32? Go try this memory card on another computer yet? The RAW file system error also can be a indication of seriously corrupted storage device. Therefore, if your original SD card still cannot be read well there after format, you can go see whether this card is still workable on other computer. If you still want to go on using this memory card, also test it with CHKDSK to see whether it is still in healthy state. Otherwise, it could be better for you to purchase a new one.

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