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Hard Disk Is Not Initialized & Gives Data Error-Cyclic Redundancy Check?

Situation1: Hello, I do have used a Toshiba internal hard disk on my Samsung computer and recently it becomes really strange. It is not found in My Computer and also shows an unknown not initialized drive in Disk Management. When I try to initialize it there, an error message just pops out and says:"…data error cyclic redundancy check…" Please help me out. This drive really still contains much important computer data yet! Thank you in advance!

Situation2: Hey, hope you can give me useful suggestions! Honestly, recently, I have purchased a new WD internal hard disk for my desktop computer and try to initialize it before moving anything important there. However, when I attempt to start the formatting process in Disk Management, I am given two options: MBR & CPT. When I randomly choose one to go on the initializing process, it says data error (CRC). What does that error means? What should I do to rescue this hard disk? Thanks!
Hello, from my understanding, this hard disk Cyclic Redundancy Check (also shortly called CRC) data error is most likely aroused by hardware issues in most cases. Therefore, in your case, you’d better go check your hard disk and see what you can do to fix the possible problems. Go read more detailed information here.

Why Hard Disk Gets Such CRC Data Error Problems?
Generally, there Cyclic Redundancy Check is a common computer function that helps detect the possible errors of your computer data transformation. Once your PC system cannot finish the CRC on your PC or hard disk, it often will repeatedly copy and paste data to your drive and makes your desired hard disk operations impossible. Moreover, the CRC data error problems often happen due to many reasons, including
1). Computer hardware issues
As with such CRC data error issues, many of them are caused by damaged or corrupted computer hardware, like your Toshiba internal hard disk, CD or DVD drives, etc. Therefore, when such errors happen to you, go check the PC hardware carefully.
2). Computer system crash
Of course, when your computer system is damaged or corrupted somehow, like sudden crash, your computer also can lead the CRC as usual and you also can receive similar CRC data error message. Hence, also check your computer system well.
3). Improper operations
In some cases, some improper PC operations also can bring people the related CRC data error issues. For example, when you download something unsafe and make your drive or whole PC virus infected, you are possible to get this computer data error issue and even sometimes you may be stuck in worse PC problems. Therefore, remember to use your PC rightly.

What You Can Do to Fix Hard Disk?
If you still want to use this computer internal hard disk and access anything important inside, calm down yourself and go check the below methods:
1). Go check and repair your internal hard disk
Since this computer CRC data error problem could occur to anybody due to computer hardware issues, especially the frequently used internal hard disk, you’ve better go check your hard disk as soon as possible to see whether it is damaged somehow or not. Merely run CHKDSK on this hard disk and see whether the possible hard disk issues could be easily repaired. Of course, if the Windows error-checking tool makes no difference, you can also download some disk diagnosing software, especially some professional CRC error fixing software, to take chances.
Please Note: Whatever you do next, always do your best to back up your important hard disk data on another drive or device.
2). Go check and repair computer operating system
Of course, if your hard disk is still in healthy state, you can also go check whether your PC operating system is corrupted somehow. Merely extract this hard disk to another PC and see whether it is recognized there. If you do get the same error, your hard disk must get some damages. However, if your hard disk could be read well on other machine, it could be the problem of your operating system. Go check the files and folders of your computer operating system one by one carefully. Of course, if necessary, also use professional software to help you.
Please Note: In case of damaging computer hard disk with rude extraction, remove it out from your computer after turning off computer at first.
3).Other ways.
Also go ask experts or hard disk repairing shops/agencies when it is necessary.

Go Recover Important Drive Data Smoothly with Hard Disk File Recovery software
Also still very worry about your important hard disk files, images, films and songs inside? Don’t know whether it is possible to take the left drive data out at first? OK! Do not panic! Just stop making any measure to add anything new on this original hard disk and run effective harddisk file recovery software to go on. Merely let the software scan your drive thoroughly and recover deleted or lost drive data within simple clicks.
Please Note: In case of losing valuable data unexpectedly, you’d better go apply such data recovery software to scan your drive before doing anything to fix this CRC data error issue.

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