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Computer Shows "A Disk Read Error Occurred" Error

"A Disk Read Error Occurred. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to Restart"
Situation1: Hello, everyone there! Recently, I just received an error message reporting: "A disk read error occurred. Press Ctrl+ Alt+ Del to restart after updating my Windows OS. Do you know why such computer error occurs to my PC? What does that error mean? What can I do now to resolve this disk read error occurred error problem? Thank you for any solution here!

Situation2: Hello, about two days ago, I had mistakenly dropped my laptop somehow. And then, from that moment, when I attempted to boot up this computer, a "disk read error occurred" message would pop out and suggested me to press Ctrl + Alt + Del to restart. But, I do know very little about such disk read error and don’t know whether the suggested operations would make things worse! Honesty, I merely want to know whether I can still view and access the hard disk data after following the error suggestion. Thanks for any useful clues!
Hello, from my understanding, such computer "disk read error occurred" problems happen to people without fixed reasons. However, they are often related to your PC booting device conditions, internal hard disk states, computer OS state and internal hard disk connection state, etc. Therefore, do not feel depressing and go what you can do to remove this computer error problem and restore your computer performance.

How to Cope With Computer "A Disk Read Error Occurred" Problems?
It is absolutely abnormal to receive this PC "disk read error occurred" message when trying to use your computer. Like other computer error issues, such computer error problems also happen due to some reasons. But, differently, such computer hard disk error problems also can have different solutions according to different causes. Hence, merely go follow the bellow methods according to your own error reasons and conditions:
1). Double check computer hard disk connections well.
Honestly, such computer disk read error occurred problem can be aroused by loose or failed computer internal hard disk connections. Just imagine: when your computer internal hard disk, especially the one with computer OS loading, is not correctly connected, it is often not possible to read anything inside this hard disk normally. Needlessly to say, your computer can easily boot from this OS hard disk as usual, right?
Therefore, when you are troubled by such PC error messages, go turn off your PC, disconnect your internal hard disk and go try to connect it to your motherboards with different cables and ports to take chances. Just do your ways to check whether your internal hard disk is successfully connected well there.
2). Reset your computer boot order.
Connect another CD, DVD or USB flash drive and plan to boot your PC from these attached external storage device, especially when your computer internal hard disk get some physical damages? OK! To make your drive really boot from the connected external storage device, you are also supposed to change the computer order. The original internal hard disk should not be the first boot device again. But, your plunged CD, DVD or USB flash drive should be.
Therefore, no matter which type of storage device you’ve set as the first boot device, go open your BIOS and update your attached external storage device as the first one of boot device list.
3).Repair or change computer internal hard disk.
The related computer disk read error occurred issues also can be caused by computer internal hard disk with OS. When your PC operating system cannot be read or accessed due to hard disk bad sectors or other mechanical hard disk damages, your computer also can give you the related disk read error messages and cannot boot up properly.
Therefore, no matter how bad your internal hard disk now is, merely run CHKDSK or the related hard disk checking software to scan your hard disk and see whether this hard disk is really seriously damaged.
If you do have a really bad result, do not feel depressing and go change another new one for your PC. But, if the result is not too bad, just follow the software suggestion to repair it carefully.
Please Note: No matter how bad the hard disk state is, go try to make drive data backups elsewhere in case of data loss.
4). Reboot computer from bootable CD, DVD or USB flash drive.
Have you done something to your computer operating system recently? Or have your computer operating system crashed recently? Honestly, such computer error problems also can occur to people because of computer OS damages.
Therefore, if you really think this computer disk read error occurred issue is aroused by PC operating system problems, merely go try to reboot your PC from another bootable CD/DVD/USB flash drive to take chances. Merely plug another bootable storage device and also change the boot order as you’ve read above. 
Please Note: You are supposed to choose a bootable external device which often has OS installed inside, not only an ordinary USB flash drive or external hard disk.
Merely go try your desired methods base don your computer conditions.

Additional Information You Should Know as Well:
1).Your internal hard disk often can work well on other computer when your issue is caused by damaged computer OS.
2).You can go recover computer hard disk file with hard disk data recovery software, like iCare Data Recovery Free.
3).You should back up all essential computer data on different drives or devices all the time. 

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