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Bad Gateway Error Problems and Solutions

502 Bad Gateway Error Messages Pop out on Your Cell Phone or PC?

"Hello! This morning, while I was trying to click and open a website with my Windows 7 computer, I just got a unfamiliar 502 bad gateway error message. I did have tried to visit this certain sites several times and received the same error messages. How can I fix this? Is there any way to resolve such bad gateway error problems? Thank you very much!"

"Hi! I was starting to get bad gateway messages on my cell phone recently. Is there anything wrong with my Samsung mobilephone? What am I supposed to do for fixing this bad gateway problem on my phone? Any idea will be highly appreciated here!"
Hello, friends! You do also encounter the same 502 bad gateway error problems recently with your Windows computer or mobile phones? No panic! You come to the right place. Just keep on reading this article to learn more about such bad gateway issues and follow simple solutions to fix everything.

Common Error Messages Indicate a Bad Gateway Issues
Actually, in daily use, in these days, many computers and mobile phones with different operating systems and manufacturers give distinct error messages to tell people that there is a bad gateway error issues. And here are some common ones that can help you make sure:
*502 Service Temporarily Overloaded
*Error 502
*502 Sever Error: The server encountered a temporary error and could not compete your request
*HTTP 502
*Bad gateway: the proxy server received an invalid response from upstream server.
*HTTP Error 502, bad gateway
And no matter which type of error messages you do have received, it often indicates there is a sever response issues and need to be fixed, if you do want to visit the certain website with your computer or phone.

Common Reasons behind such Bad Gateway Error Problems
Generally speaking, while the computer or cell phone is used to access or open a specific website, this PC and phone often needs to be connected with internet, and then, find the server that holds your desired website information over the internet, send the message for using the information, receive the access permission from the destination sever and at last, process the received information to open your needed site. However, once the whole process gets some problems and could not be smoothly completed, your computer or phone receives no response, could not open the site and will give the related 502 bad gateway errors.
Hence, there are often several common reasons that could bring you such bad gateway error issues:
1). No responses from the destination server.
Sometimes, when there are too many link messages sent to the destination server and the server is also not able to process them all at a time, without getting a normal response, your phone or computer will directly produce such 502 bad gateway error message to warn you. Of course, too low server response is also one of the reasons behind. 
2). Use a proxy server
In daily use, in order to visit some special websites, people may also launch and use a proxy server which will stop the common response to or from the destination servers and bring you the related bad gateway messages. Hence, close it to take chances.
3). Internet problems.
Of course, as we all know, in order to open and view a website, you are also supposed to open the internet. Once your internet is incorrectly connected or you get too slow internet speed or other internet problems, such HTTP error 502 issues also are able to occur.
4).The running processes or programs block the server response.
And, it is also possible that the sever responses are blocked by some processes or programs that are running on your PC in that moment. Just try to close some unused apps, games or tools to have a try. 
5).Too low computer free space. 
And, after receiving the server response, your phone or computer also needs enough free space to process the received website information to open it. However, if there is no enough free space left there, the error 502 warning also pops out.
Overall, no matter why you get the same bad gateway error problems, hope you do have leaned something about such bad gateway issues.

Common Steps to Fix Bad Gateway Error Problems
Generally, no matter whether such bad gateway error problems are caused by internet problems, the server response problems, computer no enough free space issues and the likes, you get some practical solutions to fix such computer or mobile phone bad gateway problems as below:
1). Refresh the certain websites
If you do just get such 502 issues only because the destination get too many link messages at the same, merely go refresh your desired website to have another try. Merely tab Refresh option set on the top of your site website browsers or click Ctrl + F5 to re-open that certain site.
2). Close the proxy server for your LAN
If you are really using a proxy server to open some foreigner sites or limited sites, please close the proxy server to try again. And if you are using a Google Chrome browser, merely follow this to disable it: Setting => Show advanced settings => Network => Change proxy setting => Disable "Use a proxy sever for this connection", and then, refresh this site to try. Of course, if you are using FireFox site browser, also go try this: Tools => Options => Advanced => Network => Connection Settings => No proxy => OK.
3). Check your computer network connection.
Check the network is connected tightly and rightly. And then, disable and reconnect the computer wireless network to try again.
Overall, use all possible ways to see whether this gateway issues are caused by internet issues.
4). Close all other unused programs and processes
In case that your Error 502 problems are aroused by other running programs or progresses, go close all unused ones as soon as possible. Also do not forget to end some progresses or apps running in the background. Just click Ctrl + Alt + Delete to open Windows Task Manager to end all unused processes there completely.
5). Free computer hard drive space
Of course, if you do have find that such bad gateway problems could be caused by too low free space of PC internal hard drive, merely go back up all important documents, videos, pictures, games, apps and more. And then, start to free the hard drive space, like deleting hard drive files, formatting harddrive partitions with no important information, defrag computer hard drive or using some hard drive space managing software and more.
Overall, in case of computer hard drive file loss troubles, always store at least two or more copies of all important information elsewhere before you start to clean your hard drive.
6). Change your computer DNS servers.
And, in some cases, you are also supposed to change your computer DNS server to resolve the related 502 bad gateway issues completely.
Honestly, there are also many other methods to fix such bad gateway problems, like changing another different website browsers, restarting your phone or laptop, contacting the experts for help and more. If the above solutions cannot help you out, you’d better be patient and search more detailed information top resolve it. 
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