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Windows Was Unable to Complete the Format

Computer Says Windows Was Unable to Complete the Format 
 Hello, friends there! Find you just can not format a SD card or Micro SD memory card of your digital camera or mobile phone since it says: "Windows is unable to complete format" on your Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 PC? Or merely find Windows is unable to complete the formatting process performed on your plugged computer hard disk, USB drive or external HD, though you are asked to format or reformat it there before any access? Really need to format this memory card or hard drive to access important files inside successfully? OK! In such cases, firstly, do not rush to continue the formatting process to cause worse troubles, like permanent data loss problems or corrupting hard drive or memory card unintentionally. And then, figure out the possible causes behind such Windows unable to complete format error problems and find the right solutions to fix your memory card or drive as well as rescuing lost data back.  

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Why Your PC Cannot Complete the Format
Generally, in these days, there are a couple of reasons why you will get such error message saying: "Windows isunable to complete the format" on your computer. And, go check the below common ones and see which one of them is more possible for you:
1). Virus attack
Honestly, no matter which type of storage devices you are using, the vicious viruses hidden inside your SD memory card, pen drive or hard drive is really possible to be the ones that damage your storage devices and bring you such unable to complete format error problems.
2). Damaged storage devices
And then, the related Windows cannot complete format error issues are also able to be caused by damaged storage devices, especially when these storage devices get some physical damages. For example, when your USB hard drive gets too many bad sectors or your memory card has some physical damages, the full formatting process performed on these storage devices is really possible to be stopped since it cannot complete its scanning process from one sector to another and erase everything stored there completely.
3). Write-protected or password-protected drive or memory card
And at last, when your pen drive, portable hard drive or memory card is write protected or password protected, you are also not allowed to format it successfully, unless you do have turned off the write protection and password protection functions there.
Overall, no matter why you get such error problems, do not blindly search for other methods to do a quick or full format there. Merely analyze all possible elements and symptoms to find the right reasons behind at first.

Perform File Recovery before Format to Avoid Permanent Data Loss
After you do have found the correct reasons behind, you are also not suggested to do any formatting process immediately there then. Why? Any improper operating performed on the thumb drive, memory card or USB hard disk that is unable to be completely formatted could let you lose all important data permanently. Hence, the next thing you are supposed to do is to check whether it is necessary to recover lost memory card or hard drive files back before any format. If you do have left many important documents, pictures, films, songs, videos, messages and files inside this storage card and hard drive without data backups, merely go download and install data recovery software to take deleted or lost data back in advance.
Of course, if you do have backed up all crucial data well elsewhere, also straightly format it there. 

How to Format Memory Card or Hard Drive Smoothly after Data Recovery  
After recovering and back up memory card and hard drive data well, the Windows computer still cannot complete the formatting processes performed there? No Panic! There are also other ways for you to smoothly format a USB flash drive, internal hard drive or memory cards:
1). Windows Disk Management
Generally speaking, when you cannot format your storage devices in My Computer interface, you can also try to format it in Disk Management interface. Merely go right click My Computer to click Manage and highlight Disk Management option in the left side of the pop-out window. And then, right click the memory card or hard drive shown on the right side to tab Format option in the list. And check all the options well on the format pop-out based on your needs and go on the formatting process.
Please Note: Select a supported file system type before any format when your SD memory card or drive is asking to format due to RAW file system error.
2). Storage device formatting software
When the disk management formatting tools also cannot help you complete the formatting process, you may also go download and apply the storage device formatting software which is created for users to format a flash drive, SD card, CF card, Micro SD card and external drive into desired state easily.
But, if all these two ways also cannot help you out, you may go try to format a hard drive with other methods found over the internet. 

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