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Western Digital Hard disk Is Not Initialized

Question: Why Isn’t My Western Digital Hard Disk Initialized on My Computer?

I have a 320GB Western Digital hard disk which has been always connecting with my computer. The mode of my hard disk is WD3200AAKS. But when I turn on my computer today I can’t find the WD hard disk under "My Computer". I can find the disk under "Disk Management", but it says the drive is not initialized and I was unable to open the drive. Then I right click on the hard drive but there is no initialize option. I can only find "Properties" and "Help" option there. I have many important data on the hard disk. What should I do to fix the WD hard disk without losing my data?

Download the Following Software to Recover Data
#1 Data Recovery
Software to restore data off usb drive, memory card, pen drive, hard disk, external drive etc.


#2 Data Recovery Software
Another chance for you to recover data from disk, card, external etc.   
How to use: Windows data recovery steps

#3 Data Recovery for Card USB - recover data from card/usb 
Right on Hard Disk but You Are Still Unable to Initialize the Disk?
If Windows system can’t initialize the hard disk by right clicking on the disk, you can try this way: Click Start button - >> Run - >> Type regsvr32 /u igfxpph.dll - >> Press Enter. Then the problem will be solved. If the problem still exists, some possible reasons may be there is something wrong with the hard disk case or power supply, etc.
If these are not the causes, there are some questions you may need to think about:
Did you turn off the computer by using its power button?
Did you turn off the computer by the electricity mains?
It is incorrect to turn off computer like the ways above, you should always turn off your computer with the following method: Start - >> Turn off Computer.
Did you visit some unsafe sites recently?
If so, you hard disk may be infected with virus so that it is not initialized on your computer.

Suggestion: Get Back Important Data with Freeware

It is a little difficult to fix the hard disk on your own if you don’t have any professional skills. But it is very easy to get back the data from the hard disk even if you no knowledge about data recovery. WD hard disk recovery is the advanced and free data rescue tool to enable you to restore all kinds of files from WD hard disk not matter it shows not formatted error, no recognized, not detected or not initialized, etc. It can full and deep scan every partition on your computer so that it can always help you find the lost files and finally recover them. Please remember not do anything to change or overwrite the Western Digital hard disk from now on.

Simple Steps on How to Recover Data from WD Hard Drive
Step1. Free download the software to your computer. Install and run the software. Please remember not save or install the software to the WD hard disk where you need to recover data. Select one recovery module and start recovering data.
Step2. Let the software deep scan the selected drive and search for lost data.
Step3. After scan, you can preview all files to see which files you want to recover.
Step4. Select all files you want to recover and save them.

WD Hard Disk – the Features of Different Colors of WD Hard Disk
Blue stands for the Professionalism and reliability of WD Blue. This series of hard drives can meet users’ demand for reliability of hard drive. Common models of this series of hard drives include: WD1600AAJS, WD5000AAKS, WD10EALS, WD10EALX, and WD3200BEVT. 

Green stands for environment friendly hard drives. This series of hard drives provide users with quieter, more environment friendly and lower
-power dissipation storage solution. Common models of this series of hard drive include: WD5000AADS, WD10EADS, WD10EADX, WD10EARS, and WD10EVDS.

Black stands for products with highest
quality of build and performances. This series of hard drive provide a perfect storage solution for those professional hard drive users. Common models of this series of hard drives include: WD5001AALS, WD1001FALS, WD1002FAEX, WD2001FASS, and WD3200BEKT.

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