Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Memory Card Not Working in Camera

"My memory card for digital camera stops working normally. When I attempted to use my digital camera to take pictures, it says memory card is not formatted. If I clicked Yes to format the memory card, it said cannot format the memory card. I don’t know what is wrong with the memory card, but it still worked normally last week. There are some precious pictures on the memory card and I want to get them back. Please tell me how to format a digital camera memory card successfully and restore lost photos on the card?"

Memory Card Data Recovery When It Stops Working Normally
For the situation above, the memory card stops working normally due to not formatted error. In this situation, the first thing you should do is to stop using the memory card and then run iCare Data Recovery Software to get back lost data off the memory card. A memory card might stop working normally in many situations. Whatever the reasons why the memory card cannot work, you can use iCare Data Recovery Software to restore lost data as long as the card is not physically damaged. You can follow the guide below to restore memory card lost files:

Step1. Insert the memory card to PC. Download and install iCare Data Recovery Software on the same PC. Then, you can launch the software and choose a recovery module.
Step2. You need to select the memory card as aim disk and then you just need to wait patiently when the software is scanning the card for lost files.
Step3. When the scanning is completed, you can preview the images and office files. Some large files like videos and music cannot be previewed, but you can select all needed files to recover them in batch.

You can use the data recovery software and follow the guide to recover files from corrupted CF card, SD card, miniSD, microSD, XD card and memory stick.

Situations That Digital Camera Memory Card Cannot Work
A memory card will stop working in digital camera in many situations. Here are some possible but not all situations:
1. Memory card requires formatting in digital camera
Memory card not formatted error is one of the most common situations that lead a memory card to stop working normally in digital camera, which prevents you from reading or writing any data on the memory card.
2. Digital camera says there is no memory card inserted
Although memory card is inserted in the digital camera, you may receive message that there is no memory card inserted when you want to view files on the card.
3. Memory card is not initialized
Sometimes, digital camera may say that memory card is not initialized when you shoot pictures by using the camera. In this situation, memory card cannot work normally too.

How to Format a Memory Card for Digital Camera?
When a memory card stops working, you do not need to panic. At least, your memory card can still be recognized in your digital camera. In this situation, you still have a good chance to get back files from the memory card by using the data recovery software. Once data has been retrieved, you can format the memory card for your digital camera. You can format the memory card on your digital camera. Or you can also connect the card to your computer to perform formatting. When formatting the memory card, you should format it into the file system that can be compatible with your digital camera.

Use Memory Card Properly to Avoid Problem
Memory card provides a convenient way to transfer and save data, but data will get lost when the card cannot work normally. Therefore, you should use your memory card properly in order to avoid such kind of problem:
1. Remove memory card safely from your computer
When you want to remove your memory card from computer after data transferring, you should follow the correct procedure to remove the card. You should click the "Safely remove hardware" option to eject the memory card from computer.
2. Turn off the digital camera when removing the memory card
If you need to remove your memory card from digital camera, you should switch off the camera before removing the card.
3. Do not remove memory card during data transferring

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