Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Memory Card Not Formatted Solution

"My 8GB memory card asks to be formatted when I insert it to my mobile phone. Connecting the memory card to my computer, Windows system still reports the not formatted error message on the card. So I want to look for a solution to fix the memory card not formatted error. I need to get back some important files on the memory card. Can anybody tell me how to fix memory card not formatted error without data loss?"

Restore Data off Not Formatted Memory Card
Many people have encountered the not formatted error on memory card. As a matter of fact, memory card not formatted problem can be easily resolved by formatting the card. However, data will be erased after formatting, so you need to extract files off the unformatted memory card. If you want to extract files off unformatted memory card, you can use iCare Data Recovery Software. This read-only data recovery software enables you to recover any type of files from memory card when the card is inaccessible or unreadable due to not formatted error or RAW drive error. You can get back lost files from the RAW CF card, SD card, XD card, etc without formatting it. Here are the steps to recover data off memory card when it shows not formatted error:

Step1: Connect the memory card to your computer via a card reader. Download and install the iCare Data Recovery Software on the computer. Launch the software and choose a recovery module.
Step2. Choose the memory card and then the software will scan it for lost files. You only need to wait when the software is scanning.
Step3. You are allowed to preview some found files after scanning. Then, you can choose the files you need and save them to any storage media instead of the original memory card.

Memory Card Unformatted Error Solution
Before getting back the important data you need, it is recommended you not format the cared. Although formatting does not delete all data completely and permanently, you may overwrite the memory card by adding new files after formatting the card. After recovering data fromunformatted memory card, you can format the card to fix the not formatted error. Since the causes for memory card not formatted error are various, you may try following solution to fix the not formatted error:
1. Run anti-virus software
Sometimes, when memory card is infected with virus, it will show not formatted error. Usually, formatting cannot erase virus completely, so you can run anti-virus software to erase virus completely.
2. Run Windows built-in Error-checking tool to fix bad sectors
Bad sector is another reason why memory card reports not formatted error, so you can connect the memory card to your computer and run Windows built-in Error-checking tool to repair possible bad sectors on the memory card.

How to Open Memory Card without Formatting?
When receiving not formatted error message on memory card, many people are wondering if it is possible to open the memory card without formatting because they know that formatting will erase the memory card. Then, is there any way to open an unformatted memory card without formatting? Usually, you are unable to access a memory card when it requires formatting. However, you are able to extract files off an unformatted memory card even if you cannot open it.

What Should You Pay Attention to When Memory Card Asks for Formatting?
Here are some points you need to pay attention to when a memory card is saying not formatted error:
1. Stop using the memory card
When you receive the not formatted error message whether on digital camera, mobile phone or your computer, you had better stop using it immediately. On the one hand, you should protect the memory card from suffering any physical damage. On the other hand, you should avoid formatting the card and writing new data to the memory card.
2. Do not save recovered files to the unformatted memory card
You need to rely on data recovery software to get back files from an unformatted memory card. When you save the recovered files, you cannot save them to the original memory card.

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