Wednesday, April 17, 2013

How to Convert External Hard Drive from RAW to FAT32 or NTFS without Data Loss?

RAW Problems on External Hard Drive

Problem1: I have an external hard drive that I have used for a few years. All my important files during the last a few years have been saved on this external hard drive. It had never run into any problem until it said I need to format it before I can use it. The file type is showing raw. I’d really not like to lose data on the drive, but how can I convert the raw external hard drive to its original file system FAT32?

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Problem2: I got this problem when I plug my external hard drive into my computer; it was showing raw file system. I don’t remember if its original file type is FAT or NTFS. I think it should be NTFS. But I don’t know how it becomes raw file system since it still worked fine yesterday. Is there any way to convert the external hard drive from raw to NTFS without losing data?

Problem3: I have an 80GB external WD external hard drive which I had partitioned into two partitions. It worked very slowly at first when I write data to the first partition. Then this partition stopped working and its file system was showing raw. I checked its used space and full space, both showed 0byte. I can open the partition, but there is no file inside. What can I do to get back data?

How to Change RAW Drive to FAT32 or NTFS without Losing Data?
You have tow choices to fix the external hard drive raw problem. Firstly, if you don’t care about the data inside the raw drive, you can format the external hard drive directly to FAT or NTFS. Secondly, if you still want to get data back from the raw drive, you can use raw drive recovery software. What you should know is that even you have recovered all data from the raw external hard drive, the raw problem still exists. Therefore, you still need to format the raw drive to its original file system to make it work normally again. Besides, many reasons can cause raw problem. So you had better backup your important data to your computer or other storage device in case of the same problem happens again. Refer to convert raw to fat32 or NTFS if you want to know more information about raw drive data recovery.


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