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How to Recover Data from SD Card That Has Not Formatted Error?

How to Deal with Not Formatted Error on SD Card?

It seems like that not formatted error occurs frequently on an SD card. Usually, when an SD card has not formatted error, you may get the error message like following:
* It shows "memory card is full" on your digital camera or mobile phone
* Data on the SD card disappear or inaccessible on the camera or cell phone without any reason
* When you connect the SD card to your PC, it shows "there is no disk in drive"
* PC windows pops up: "disk in drive is not formatted do you want to format it now?" or "You need to format disk drive before you can use it" when you want to open the SD card on your PC
When an SD card has not formatted error, do you know how to deal with it?

Possible Causes for SD Card Not Formatted Error
1. The SD card is damaged due to long time use, improperly operation or other reasons. The SD card damage can be physical damage and logical damage. The physical damage refers to that the SD card is damaged and no longer be available for data storage. The physical damage can often caused by water damage or exposure to high temperature and more other reasons. Usually, data is unrecoverable when SD card is physically damaged. Logical damage means the SD card cannot be recognized regularly due to system errors like bad sectors, raw file system. The logical damage can be fixed and lost data is recoverable.

2. SD card is not compatible with the computer. Sometimes, the SD card works properly on the camera, but when you connect it to the computer, it shows not formatted error. When you connect it to another computer which runs different OS, the SD card can work properly again. In such a case, the cause for SD card not formatted error might be there are some incompatibilities in the SD card. You only need to format the SD card on the computer. However, you should backup the data before you format the SD card.

Solution for SD Card Not Formatted Error
When SD card shows not formatted error, stop using the card immediately and take out the card to your digital camera or mobile phone. Then, you can follow the steps below to get data back from the SD card and fix the not formatted error.

Step1, get data off the SD card
First SD Card Recovery Freeware(Recommend)
Free Download Second SD Card Recovery Software
Since you cannot access the SD card when it has not formatted error, you need to get data off the card by using SD card recovery software. SD card recovery software is a free data recovery program to help you search for inaccessible data from the SD card. By using this software, it can find out and then list all the files on the software. At this time, you can preview those found files on the software. Then you can select the files you need and save them to another storage device.
If you are interested in this SD card recovery software, please learn the step-by-step wizard to perform SD card data recovery.

Select Either of the Software Based on Your Needs

If you want to use the first partition recovery freeware to get back files, you can refer to best data recovery software for step by step guide.
If you want to use the second partition recovery freeware to retrieve data, you can visit second recommended data recovery to learn detailed steps.

Step2, fix SD card not formatted error
The method to fix not formatted error on SD card is quite easy. You only need to format the SD card. Since the data on SD card is recovered to another storage device in first step, you can format the SD card directly now. After formatting, the SD card will work properly again. Sometimes, you may be unable to format the card by using the windows built-in format tools, so you can use the professional format tool, which is also a freeware. When the SD card not formatted error is repaired, you can transfer data or new data to the card again.


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