Sunday, May 26, 2013

64GB Corsair Voyager Has Bad Boot Sector, How to Recover the Lost Data?

Help! 64GB Corsair Voyager Has Bad Boot Sector

My 64GB Corsair Voyager stopped work when I connected it to my computer. I tried my best to look for the reasons and finally I found there are bad boot sector on my Corsair Voyager. How can I fix the bad boot sector on the Corsair Voyager without losing any data?

Bad boot sector is one of the most serious situations for data loss on all types of storage media including Corsair Voyager. It can’t be worse than this when you want to read information from a device; it refuses you to access it. Then is it possible to fix the bad boot sector on your Corsair Voyager? Is it true that the lost data can come back as long as you can fix the bad sectors successfully? How can you fix the bad boot sector on your Corsair Voyager without losing data? 

Easy Method to Fix Bad Sectors on Corsair Voyager without Data Loss
Every computer is equipped with a windows built-in bad sector repair tool, with which you can simply check and fix the bad sectors on the device. However, it is not sure that you can get back all lost files even if you can successfully repair the bad boot sector on your Corsair Voyager with the tool. Besides, the windows built-in tool can’t always help fix the bad sectors successfully. Even if it says the bad sector is fixed completely, bad sector still exists but system hides it so that the new saved data will not stored to the bad sectors.
First Data Recovery Freeware (Recommend)
Second Data Recovery Freeware
Since data might be lost after you repairing the bad boot sector, you had better get back data first. Anyway, you can buy a new Corsair Voyager even if you can’t repair the bad sector on it; but the data is unique. In order to recover data from the Corsair Voyager when it has bad boot sector, you can use professional data recovery software. It allows you to free recover all types of files including photos, videos, songs, documents, etc from the device when it has bad sector. The software is also very easy-to-use, so you just need to follow the wizard on the software and you will handle it simply.


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