Monday, May 27, 2013

Format Recovery Freeware – Recover Formatted Partition under Windows 7/8 /Vista/XP OS

Can Lost Data Be Recovered after Formatting Partition under Windows 7/8 /Vista/XP?

If you are a computer user, you must have ever formatted the partition under windows operating system like windows7, windows8, vista or windows XP. Formatting won’t delete the partition but it will erase all the data on the partition. Have you ever met any problem or trouble after formatting the partition on your computer? Have you ever encountered any similar situation as below? Have you ever gotten a good solution for windows partition recovery after format?

Situation1: I carelessly formatted a partition on my laptop, which runs windows XP operating system. Everything is too late when I realized that I have made such a mistake. Now, more than 10GB data is lost the partition is empty. How to unformat the partition and restore the lost files? 

Situation2: The local disk E: on my Lenovo desktop is broken because it refused me to access the drive. Windows pops up an error message you need to format the disk in drive E: before you can use it when I click on the drive. The file type of the hard disk shows raw. My desktop is equipped with windows7 operating system and my hard disk drive is a 500GB Samsung disk which had been partitioned to four partitions. The other partitions works perfectly except partition E. Can I recover the inaccessible files from the partition without formatting?

How to Unformat Windows Partition to Restore Lost Files
When you need to get a solution for formatted partition recovery under windows operating system, you can choose format recovery software to unformat the partition and restore the lost files. The unformat process is usually very simple; the software will scan, locate and restore the lost files in a short time. The format recovery software is free and compatible with all windows operating system. If you need help with the format recovery process or wizard, you can refer to data recovery after formatting.
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