Monday, September 9, 2013

RAW Files Recovery from an Accidentally Formatted CF Card

Everybody uses a memory card to store data since it is convenient and has large capacity. However, data stored on memory card is also easy to be lost due to damage or human mistake. Therefore, when you use a memory card, you also need to know at least one memory card data recovery tool. Then you will not feel worried when data is lost from the memory card. CF card is a type of memory card. Like an SD card, a CF card can also be used in many devices to store different formats of files like music, movies, audio files, text files, pictures, etc. Today’s topic is RAW file recovery from a formatted CF card.

Files Becomes RAW in an CF Card
Probably, all files on the CF card could still be accessible normally yesterday. But when you reconnect the CF card to your PC again the next day, you will find all data on the card becomes RAW format. The RAW problem in a CF card can be caused by different reasons. The RAW problem on a CF card can be two different situations. One situation is that the file type of the CF card has been change to RAW and you cannot open the card. The other situation is that you can access the CF card, but the files inside the card are shown in RAW format. In this situation, you cannot read or copy any file on the card since it will show data error when you double click on those files.

RAW File Recovery after Formatting CF Card by Accident
If the CF card is not physically damaged, you can format the card to fix the RAW problem. But will all files be lost after formatting? Can you restore the lost files which were shown in RAW format before formatting? Well, there is no doubt that formatting will erase all files on the CF card. Besides, it is difficult to restore the files which were shown as RAW files if you format the card. No matter when you run into CF card RAW problem, you should be clear that RAW file recovery and Fixing CF card RAW problem are two different things.

How to Restore RAW Files and Fix RAW CF Card?
RAW problem is a cause for data loss from CF card, so it is necessary to use a memory card recovery tool to restore the RAW files on the CF card. CF card recovery software has been tested to be one of the best memory card recovery tools from RAW files recovery. Moreover, CF card recovery software doesn’t contain any spyware so you don’t need to worry any possible virus or malware will cause the CF card to suffer more damage.
After using CF card recovery software, you are able to retrieve all files which were in RAW format. The recovered files will no longer be shown in RAW format, but will be restored to its original format. When files are recovered, you can format the CF card to its original file system. Since formatting will make everything disappear on the card, you cannot save the recovered files to the CF card before formatting the card.

Select Either of the Software Based on Your Needs

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