Thursday, May 23, 2013

Recover Data from 32GB USB Flash Drive When It Needs to Be Formatted

Not Formatted Error on 32GB USB Flash Drive

Not formatted error is a system error which can lead to data loss on your USB flash drive. Have you ever met with any of situation below? What did you when your USB flash drive shows not formattederror?

Situation1: My 32GB flash drive stopped work and said please insert a disk in removable disk when I was copying some files from it. When I tried to open the flash drive again, it says disk in drive is not formatted do you want to format it now. I don’t care about the flash drive because I have used it for a few years. But I was worried about the data on the drive. I still have some important files on the flash drive and I need to get them back.

Situation2: Windows says you need to format the disk in drive before you can use it when I insert my 32GB SanDisk USB flash drive into the USB port of my computer. I don’t think there is something wrong with the USB port or my flash drive because it can still be detected by my computer. But I have no idea what is wrong. I need a solution to fix the not formatted error on my flash drive and recover the files on it.

How to Restore Data When USB Flash Drive Needs to Be Formatted
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Second Flash Drive Recovery Freeware
Not formatted error can be caused by many factors. If the USB flash drive is physically damaged, you will have no chance to fix the error and recover lost data. If the USB flash drive is not physically damaged but it is only infected with virus or has other problems, you can fix the error and recover all lost files by using flash drive recovery software. It is easy to recover data by relying on flash drive recovery software, which is free and powerful. If you just want to fix the not formatted error on your flash drive, you only need to format the flash drive.


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