Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hard Drive Problem: How to Recover Photos Videos Music from RAW Partition?

Users That Run into Hard Drive Problem: RAW Partition Recovery

User1: A partition on my computer is shown as an unformatted drive. It is shown as raw drive under Disk Management and the space is shown as 0 byte. I have no idea where are all the files on the partition, but I can’t access the partition. I would like to find a method to repair the raw drive and recover the lost files from the raw partition. Can you help me recover the lost data?

User2: I was unable to open one partition of my hard drive. When I double click on the partition, it says access is denied. When I right click on the partition, I can only select the Properties and Format. If I select the Properties, I can see the partition shown as raw file system; both Free Space and Used Space are shown as 0 byte. If I select the Format, a dialog box will pop up that format process is not completed. I want to find a way to change the raw drive to its original filesystem ntfs. If possible, I would also like to restore the data from the raw drive.

How to Recover Data from RAW Partition?
First RAW Recovery Freeware (Recommend)
Second RAW Recovery Freeware
What to do when hard drive partition shows raw file system? RAW recovery software is the best choice to restore data from a raw partition. Apart from data recovery from raw hard drive, you can also recover data from other storage devices when they have raw file system. No matter you want to restore photos, videos, music, images, emails, documents or other types of files; you only need to choose the proper recovery type so that the software can deep scan the selected drive to search for the lost files. You can download the software from the download page and install it on your computer. 

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