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Solution for Data Loss When Windows 7 Turns off or Reboots Suddenly without Warning

Windows 7 Computer Turns off without Warning
More and more people like to use Windows 7 computer since it has a better performance than Windows XP. However, I have been always thinking that Windows 7 computer faults are the most complex problems since the causes are various and the solutions are accordingly different.

Many Windows7 computer users may have run into such a situation: your computer has been working quite well but all of a sudden, it turns of without any warning or reboot automatically. Sometimes, the computer might turn off when you open a certain site or program. Sometimes, the computer might turn off just a few minutes after you turn on it and haven’t done anything. No matter when the computer turns off randomly, it will cause many inconveniences or troubles since you are unable to save the important data when the computer turns off or reboot without warning.

Although you don’t know how to solve the problem or you even don’t know the reasons for the problem, you can know there must be something wrong with the problem when it shows such a problem.

Windows 7 Recovery after Turning off or Rebooting
If computer turns off or reboots without warning, you may lose important files on the computer because you don’t have enough time to save them. What is worse, the computer hard drive or system may be destroyed after rebooting, which will cause data on the drive corrupted or deleted. In this situation, you will need to use professional Windows 7 recovery software to restore lost files. Generally speaking, with Windows 7 recovery software, you can restore any lost data as long as the lost files are not overwritten.

Select Either of the Software Based on Your Needs

If you want to use the first partition recovery freeware to get back files, you can refer to best data recovery software for step by step guide.
If you want to use the second partition recovery freeware to retrieve data, you can visit second recommended data recovery to learn detailed steps.

Possible Causes for Computer Turns off or Reboot without Warning
Since the causes for computer turns off or reboot problem are various, it may be not possible to list all the reasons here. But the most common causes for this problem could be: hardware issues or errors, software problems, overheat problem, virus attack, hard drive problems and more other problems. Below, we will discuss those common causes and offer the most possible solutions.

1. Hardware Issues and Errors
Any hardware issue or error will cause your computer to turn off without warning. For example, the power supply failure, the mainboard problem, CPU overheating, fans, video card, etc can lead your computer to turn off or reboot randomly. 

Most commonly, if the fans on your computer doesn’t work well, you computer will be overheat, which will make computer turn off automatically. So if you find your computer works well and doesn’t make any noise when you just turn it on, but it become very hot and start making noise after a while, you should check its fans to see if it work properly to avoid computer turning off all of a sudden. Besides, if there is too much dust in your computer’s host, it will also cause your computer to turn off or reboot without warning.

If it is hardware issues or errors that cause the problem, you should fix the errors accordingly. You had better clean your computer frequently, install good-quality fans and video card and so on. Besides, don’t run too many programs on your computer which will make the CPU overworked. Check the fans to see if it works well, or it will cause your computer to be overheated.

2. Software Problems
If you play games on your computer, it will turn off automatically in order to protect the CPU from not being overheated. Besides, if your computer turns off suddenly when you just run a program or software, the most possible causes should be that the software is not compatible with your computer. If your computer turns off or reboot every time after you close a program, you should check if you have set to turn off computer automatically after closing the software.
For this problem, you should uninstall the software which is not compatible with your computer.

3. Computer Virus
Since your computer is connected with internet and you might visit hundreds of or even more sites every day, it is quite possible that your computer might be infected with virus. When you visit a unknown site or install a program on your computer, it probably cause your computer to be attacked by virus or spyware. Some hacker would also send you emails which has virus. Once you open the emails, your computer would be infected with virus and your computer will turn off without any warning.

Therefore, in order to prevent your computer from turning off without warning due to virus, on the one had, you should take measure to protect your computer not being infected by virus. On the other hand, you should know how to kill the virus if your computer is unfortunately infected with virus.

Computer virus is a very terrible and serious problem for computer users, so you had better not visit those unknown sites or open emails from strangers. Besides, you should install a good anti-virus software on your computer and keep it up-to-date. Regularly run the anti-virus software to check and kill the computer virus on your computer.

4. Operating System Issues
Another cause to cause your computer turn off or reboot automatically is the operating system issues. You can backup the important data on your hard drive and then restore the system on your computer.
All mentioned above are some possible causes for computer turning off or rebooting without warning. Actually, computer issues are complex; it is difficult to find the reasons and solutions sometimes. Therefore, you must be patient when you run into any computer problem.


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