Wednesday, May 8, 2013

SD Card Write Protection – How to Remove Write Protection from SD Card?

SD Card Is Write-Protected
When I tried to rename one file from my SD card, I got a message that asks me to remove the write protection from the SD card. What is write protection? How can I solve this problem?

Have you met the same problem before? If your SD card is write-protected, you can only read data from the SD card. If you want to rename, copy, write or delete files from the write-protected SD card; you will get a message that prompts you remove the write protection or use another disk – this disk is write protected. If the SD card is write-protected, you can protect the data on the card from unwanted changes. Besides, it can also protect your SD card from being infected by virus. However, there are also disadvantages when a SD card is write-protected. Therefore, we will offer some method to remove write protection from your SD card below.

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Solution to Remove Write Protection from SD Card
1. Unlock the SD card.
There is a lock switch on the left side of some SD card, so you only need to slid up the lock switch to the unlock position to remove the write protection from your SD card.

2. Connect the SD card to your Computer and follow the steps below
Click Start ->> Run -<< type "regedit" and click "OK" ->> open the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and expand "System" ->> check if there is a "Storage Device Policies" under ControlSet002\Control\ and ControlSet001\Control. If you can find the "Storage Device Policies" and see the write protection, you should change the number in the "DWORD value" box into "0" and press "OK". If you can find the "Storage Device Policies", you should follow these steps: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE ->> SYSTEM ->> CurrentControlSet ->> right click on "Control" and create a new key ->> rename the new key as "Storage Device Policies" ->> create a new "DWORD value" and rename it as Write Protect and set the number as 0.

3. Format the SD card
Do you want to format memory card to fix the write protection problem? Try to format the SD card under Disk Management. However, data will be erased after formatting the card. So you may need to use SD card recovery software to recover files after formatting.

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