Wednesday, May 8, 2013

USB Flash Drive Is Not Detected by Windows PC

Situations That Data May Get Lost or Inaccessible from a USB

Situation1: My USB drive can only occasionally be detected by my computer last night. When I plugged it in, it seems that the computer detects it but it loses very fast. However, this morning when I plugged the USB drive into the computer’s USB port again, it can’t be recognized by the computer. I really have no idea about this problem. I feel so regretful that I didn’t make a backup when my computer can still detect the USB drive. Now I really want to look for a useful way to get back the data from the USB drive.

Situation2: My 8GB USB flash drive is not recognized by my desktop with Windows XP operating system. I am sure there is nothing wrong with the USB port since I have tried to connect another flash drive to the desktop, which proves the USB port works fine. So I don’t know why my USB flash drive can’t be detected by my desktop. Now t he most important thing for me is to find a solution to copy the files from the USB flash drive to another storage media. I need step-by-step guide to get back the data. Thanks for help.

Download the Following Software to Recover Data
#1 Data Recovery
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#2 Data Recovery Software
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Solution for USB Data Recovery When It Can’t Be Detected by Computer
Now, let’s discuss the step-by-step solution to get back data from your USB flash drive when it can’t be detected or recognized by computer.

Step1, search for a reliable USB recovery software. This step is very important since a good recovery program can enable you have more chance to get back more data.
Step2, once you find the USB recovery software, you should install it on your computer and let the software scan the USB drive you need to recover. Usually, you can see more t than 80% lost data after scanning. After scanning, you only need to choose the files you want to recover and save the selected files. The most important thing in this step is not to save the files to the original drive.
Step3, if you can find the USB flash drive under Disk Management, you can try to format the USB flash drive there to see if it can work again.
By the way, if the flash drive is physically damaged, you may have no chance to recover lost data.


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