Wednesday, May 29, 2013

SD Card Photo Recovery Free Software – Free Recover Photos from SD Card

Users That Need to Recover Photos from SD Card

User1: I need to recover photos after formatting SD card. Is it possible?
User2: I
delete some photos from my SD card when I connect it to my laptop. How can I recover the deleted photos?
User3: Is there any freeware to fix
not formatted error on SD card so that I can get lost photos off the memory card?
User4: 4GB SD card showed memory is full when I was transferring files to the card. Then I unplugged the card and reconnected it to my computer, but it can’t be recognized by my computer any more. Under Disk Management, the card is shown as a
raw drive. Do I have chance to recover the photos from my SD card?

Free Recover Photos from SD Card with Free Software
First SD Card Recovery Freeware (Recommend)
Second SD Card Recovery Freeware
It doesn’t matter how the photos get lost from the SD card. It only matters if you have overwritten the SD card after data loss. What is overwritten? Overwritten means if you write new files to the SD card, the new added files will occupy the place where stored the lost data. If the lost photos have been overwritten, the chance of data recovery is low to none. If the lost photos have not been overwritten, you can have a try with SD card photo recovery software to recover lost photos. The software is completely free and easy to handle. 

Data Recovery Notices
Increase the chance for data recovery - >>
* Connect the card to PC through a card reader but not USB cable if possible
* Plug out the card out of the device from which the data got lost
* Never try to add any information the card in which you lost important data
* Don’t save the recovered data to the original card
* You can try the data recovery software more than once if you are unable to get back all the lost files for the first time
Decrease the possibility of data loss - >>
* Better use a good-quality memory card
* Remove the card from the digital device or computer properly
* Protect card from suffer any physical damage
* Don’t store important data to memory card that has been used for a long time

Unformat sd card

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